Destiny 2 Dev. Roadmap

Bungie - Hey, everyone. A few weeks ago, we published a Dev Update with some details about our plans for Destiny 2. With the first of those downloads out the door, we’re following up on the conversation with a clearer outlook on when more features and content will arrive in the game. This roadmap contains a series of updates that are scheduled to land in the weeks and months to come.

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Storm Shadow NF316d ago

Hahaha what a joke, nice job by violating the trust of your fan base with your BS and now trying to save face. Funny how they claimed their new engine was so powerful never mind the first game ran on PS3. To the 4 vs 4 no playlists PVP and no matchmaking for raids. Now they say we’re going to do 6 vs 6. You ass clowns could’ve made a great game if you just listened!!! The campaign vehicles would have been great in multiplayer l but you didn’t even give the community a choice !!! So I say by to your lies and deceit !!!! Better games out and coming out. You will not get anymore of my money.