Little Big Planet becoming one big Penis Joke?

Candid Anthony of writes: "A friend submitted this video to show us an example to the rampant amount of Penis related levels that have Plagued Little Big Planet over the past few weeks during the Beta. Looks like the moderators have been hard at work getting them to come down. We were able to get a look at what all the fuss is about in this clip. SFW."

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Tacki3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

Buzz, that's a penis rocket! Penis rockets EXPLODE!

sackboy says hi3567d ago

sackboys does not like it when im forced to ride the d!"K in the beta. but im only a sackboy so i have no say...

this makes sack boy sad... :(

xhairs93567d ago

Well, you are a sackboy, don't manage the under-hangings of the penis anyways?

Muddyalcapones3567d ago

This is the equivalent of Racist 9-year-olds in FPS's and Gold farmers in MMO's, it'll always be there because some people are idiots but it wont ruin the game for the rest of us. Besides, who here honestly wont make something crude at least once just for fun? The tools are to good to not try it!

Genesis53567d ago

Well it won't last for long. You get to make one post it then it gets removed and you get banned from posting anymore.

TheDude2dot03567d ago

Who really cares? It's not like people are being forced to download the maps.

swissarmyshank3567d ago

this will just be something we'll have to get used to

Anton Chigurh3567d ago

this thing must be very popular in the PSN community

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villevalorox3567d ago

no shlit, it only is to the people that let it. You do not have to play them levels. and you can report it!.

thxkbye3567d ago

It says in the article that the mods are removing them. That doesnt mean people wont continue to try and make them.

This is funny as hell though. lOl

pixelsword3567d ago

...when it was Spore, everyone had a laugh and said "it'll die down", even Crencente from made one; but when LBP has the same thing because, you know, it's just as creative, People (including are all screaming "It's a penis joke!"

Classic fanboy hypocrisy.

shovelbum3567d ago

Boys will be always boys. Two things in life are always funny: farts and penis jokes.

plain rice3567d ago

Honestly who gives a s**t?

Crazywhitie3567d ago

I'm with you, If you don't like it, Don't Play it... Go to another Level.. there more to do in this game then to play the penis Levels.. Not the first and won't be the Last

I love video games3567d ago

they cant be that upset about it, i mean they did name their main character "sack" boy

ravinash3567d ago

I think the problem lies in that they are trying to push this game for the whole family, so if you've got this stuff popping up unexpectedly, their going to get some complaints.

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Blakzhuk3567d ago

Im Sorry but this made me laugh my ass off!

VP of Troll Corp3566d ago

Looks like the moderators have been hard at work getting them to come down. "

Penis + "come down"

LOL I'm so immature:D