Xbox One X Was Top-Selling Premium Console in US Holidays; Microsoft Promises Console Innovation

Microsoft executives reveal that the Xbox One X beat the PS4 Pro in the American Holiday season, and pledge to continue to innovate in the console field.

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DragonDDark167d ago

That spin. "Best selling '''''' ''premium''' ;'''''' ' console

_-EDMIX-_167d ago

@late-it's a spin because they might as well just say it's the "best selling console that is called Xbox One X" 😂😂😂 28514;😂

Mystogan90167d ago

Actually, this time it doesn't sound like a spin. It is how you would describe the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X.

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thehitman1398167d ago

Ik right!!!! 😂😂😂

It's like micro saying, xbone was the best selling console for all of yesterday !!!!


yomfweeee167d ago

Mystogan, it is a spin because no one ever compares the sales of specific iterations of a console generation. Also there is no definition for "premium console". Maybe one could argue the Switch is premium due to the hybrid factor or because after you buy all your extra crap it costs as much as the Pro.

nix167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

MS spin doctors working overtime again. lol.

i'm sure their next news will be - Xbox X software update was downloaded by 100% of the premium console owners.

@oneshot, at least Sony put a disclaimer... with MS, we won't even know what is the real deal until few hours later or until twitterati starts poking questions only to find out that the game is coming out on every available platform.

OffRoadKing167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

The strange thing is supposedly sales dont matter to them or their fanbase.

morganfell167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

"How's it a spin? Its a premium device and its never meant to compete with the base models....grow a brain"

When you have to strain through the facts. bend them sideways and choose a very narrow slice to paint a bright picture it is a spin. "Selectively presenting facts and quotes that support one's position ("cherry picking")"

That is a spin and that is what they have done.

As I meant to post here, they are only releasing this to get in front of the NPD numbers for January with the best news they can manage. It isn't going to look good for the 3rd place console.

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neutralgamer1992167d ago


forget the rest i thought ms said they weren't gonna talk about sales? and the reason this matters the way MS is they will track sales for X separately and down the road will compare it to ps4 pro and say we outsold it. No matter which way they can spin or try to spin behind more than 35 million is behind more than 35 million

they can spin it like they did with the word exclusive during their E3 2017 conference

TheVetOfGaming167d ago

It sold more than the Pro in the US, but in general got its arse kicked in total sales worldwide. Microsoft must think people are dumb.

Legacy212167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

I'm surprised that's the case. Sony was pushing the ps4 pro hard this holiday season. There were discounts left and right on it while the x was never on sale. There were also great trade in promotions to get a ps4 pro at eb games. Guess that's what happens when u give people a proper mid gen upgrade and not a half ass one.

morganfell167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

"They're comparing the X and the Pro so no its not any amount of spin "

They are splicing it out of platform sales to find something favorable that otherwise isn't exactly rosy. No amount of pretending otherwise alters what defines spin. Perhaps you need to spend some more time reading and focusing on simple comprehension but what they did is called spin.

darthv72167d ago

Sony has said how the Pro is doing in relation to the base model. Why can't MS do the same with the X?

chiefJohn117167d ago

How is that spin.
So something like switch becomes the highest selling hybrid console would be spin you to you? Lol n4g

S2Killinit167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

Lol “premium” + “in U.S.” +“holidays” they had to run that spin through 3 green filters.

But honestly what did they expect? XbonX just released and xbox didnt even win a single month in any territory.

indyman7777167d ago

I know a girl scout that came in last in selling cookie. But she sold the must thin cookies so should she win a car for that?

DragonDDark167d ago

For those saying I'm a fanboy for calling out microsoft on this one, The title can be misleading to casuals. Pure PR work here in the title. Most people would think it's the best selling console in the market instead of the ps4/switch. Even the XBOX ONE S for that matter. It's just shady to me, the way he said it.

memots167d ago

Xbox had the most people logged in on their service at 12:01am yesterday.
Yay us

That's basically what i read,.

Ashlen167d ago

@chiefJohn1174h ago

"So something like switch becomes the highest selling hybrid console would be spin you to you? Lol n4g "

That's why no one says that... because it would be stupid much like saying "best selling premium console".

Nintendo compares their system to PS4 and Xbox like any normal company would do.

And part of the thing is that when Microsoft says it comes off as desperate, especially given how when they don't have a good month they say dumb stuff like "sales don't matter". But of course as soon as they have a good month out comes Aaron Greeberg and the marketing team to say something dumb like "best selling premium console" even though no one compares them like that.

badz149167d ago

"Best selling Premium concole" LOL

I don't recall Sony ever called the Pro as a "premium" console. I might be mistaken but MS is saying that they sold the most of the console only they labeled as such. This is hilarious! LOL

Imagine if Apple is saying they are the best selling phone with iOS. Of course you are, you moron, when you're the only one making it!

RacerX167d ago

Positive picture painted for Microsoft, who else is surprised the comments section is mostly marked for trolling by Sony fanboys?

Come on guys, let's just play some games!

DarXyde167d ago

"XBOX One X was the best-selling premium console globally with the fewest firmware updates."

You heard it here first.

Babadook7167d ago

The spin is that this was the “launch” of exactly one product. In its home turf. Vs a competitor that’s not at all in its launch period. All in all Xbox is in last place and it’s not close.

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Christopher167d ago

I have to admit, it is a funny way to say your product was the second to last place of all currently generation products.

1. Switch
2. PS4
3. Xbox One S
4. Xbox One X
5. PS4 Pro

I get what they're doing, but I also get why people are calling them out for prioritizing the less than 1% of sales of a different model of their console versus overall sales in order to show a gain over the competition. It's a win, but that's a hard worker for them to have to sell compared to the competition.

Marketing and advertising, gotta accept it for what it is.

S2Killinit167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

I believe #1 seller was PS4 or was that worldwide #s?

indyman7777167d ago

@S2Killinit After some news articles jumped the gun we all thought it was PS4 for December. But it ended up being SWITCH.

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Angainor7168d ago

Even as a die hard fan, remains to be seen...

solideagle167d ago

hahaha Premium console lol
whats next "top selling Green Logo console"?

itsmebryan167d ago

Are you saying the PS4 pro is not a premium console?

galmi167d ago

@itsmebyan good question

indyman7777167d ago

@itsmebryan I think solideagle is saying sarcastically that they are going to say they are the top selling green one because Sony's logo is not green, and Neither is Nintendo's So they can techinically say they are the top selling green logo having console.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

No. PS4 Pro is not a PREMIUM console. It launched at the same price standard PS4 did. Upgraded PS4 yes. PREMIUM? No.

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DeadSilence168d ago ShowReplies(3)
moegooner88168d ago

The lengths to which MS will go to avoid giving sales numbers is amusing tbh.

NoPeace_Walker168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

Did any of the big 3 releases sale numbers in Oct - December? 🤔

It was known that on NPD in Dec...the ranking was


Nintendo didn't release their numbers while finishing first place and Sony didn't release their sales numbers for Dec NPD while finishing third place. So why are you attacking only one when NONE of them had said anything about their respective NPD sales?

AT LEAST MS gave us some answer for 4K TV owners that want some answer of which 4K console sold better during the Holidays. Even with a couple of $50 temp price cut on the PS4 Pro during Nov & Dec, the $150 more expensive 4K console took home the 🏆 in the battle of the two current most powerful consoles. The people have spoken, the X is the console of choice for 4K TV owners. 👍🏼

moegooner88168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

Read article before commenting and embarrassing yourself maybe next time. Article is concerning the latest financial quarter, for which Nintendo porvided updated sales numbers, and perusual Sony will do.

Lime123167d ago

Yep, and for whole 2017:

1. ps4
2. switch
3. xbox one

This is Xbox strongest market?

butchertroll167d ago

And for the whole holiday season 2017 in US :


For the whole 2017 in US :

1. PS4
2. Switch
3. Poor Xbone

MasterCornholio167d ago

The holidays isn't just December.

UCForce167d ago

Now you just embarrass yourself than everyone else.

yomfweeee167d ago

Wow Microsoft's brand new console which debuted during this holiday season, meaning there is going to be a surge of sales, sold well compared to a year old console in one specific country??? They sure showed Sony who is king.

SirBradders167d ago

The X released a month before that and the PRO released one year prior. Who do you think is gonna win?

All shafted hardcore One owners finally got something worthy this gen and games wasn't one of the, albeit Forza.

Alucard_420167d ago

Once again you prove to everyone that you're just a blind fanboy. Defend M$ to the end but they wont give you shit, so go be a gamer and enjoy gaming instead of the verbal diarrhea that is coming out of your mouth on a daily basis.

Christopher167d ago

I like how you ignored November where Xbox was third as well as the fact that last three months still put Xbox in third as well as the fact that Nintendo and Sony released annual figures with percentage gains from previous Holiday season compared to last year for Sony. But you made sure to post that December second place and call one statement of comparison sans numbers between two niche models as a way of proving their desire to inform their customers.

Microsoft made a decision, that decision was to hide figures rather than remain open about them like the others. That's just something they're going to have to live with until they decide to change their mind.

DarXyde167d ago

It's also new hardware released in the holiday quarter.

The people have spoken: they like shiny new stuff. Switch also came out on top. What does that mean?

It means that (a) 4K is still not a deciding factor, (b) PlayStation has the least room for growth since most people have PlayStation, and (c) people are attracted to new hardware. When Xbox One X gains consistency FOLLOWING the holiday season (who knows? Maybe Microsoft won January), you have a case.

Until then, learn to interpret data and draw meaningful conclusions.

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Relientk77167d ago

Makes me laugh and roll my eyes everytime

blackblades167d ago

So there x beat the pro but lost in general.

Rimeskeem168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

Title is a weee click bait

Abriael168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

No. It's not. It quotes word by word what Satya Nadella said.

Rimeskeem168d ago

It’s a quote? Well I didn’t know that considering there are no Quotation marks!

MoonConquistador167d ago

That doesn't mean that the title (or what comes out the mouths of a MS executive) can't be classed as click bait.

If he knows it beat the PS4 Pro and it helps him feel better about the job he's doing then all is good. But to say it to the press as if it's any indication of anything else then you have to question what his motives are for it.

A very hollow victory for what they've achieved if you ask me.

Christopher167d ago

@Moon, that's not how clickbait works. Clickbait is to sell the news in a manner just to get people to click, this isn't selling the news, just presenting it. You're confusing marketing and clickbait.

Christopher167d ago

It's not, it's just Microsoft PR. In this day and age, for any marketing team, regular updates can come off as clickbait as you try to sell the best outlook.

KwietStorm167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

It's not clickbait at all. Regardless of the degrees of spinning that Microsoft uses, the statement itself is still a fact. They gotta save face somehow. But it's not clickbait. It's directly from the topic of the article.