Destiny 2's Iron Banner is Worth Playing Again

With the addition of ornaments, purchasable gear, and more guns, the Iron Banner is finally worth playing. Clearer objectives means players no longer have to pray to the RNG gods for our rewards.

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BenRC01314d ago

Done with this. You messed up massively bungie. From halo 3 to this?????

Emme314d ago

I would try, but since the update, connecting takes forever, so no game for me.

Aenea314d ago

Nah, I'll pass, busy playing Fortnite, both PvE and PvP, having a blast with my Destiny clan there....

InKnight7s314d ago

Naaah this game need more than gears and guns.

irishyort314d ago

Liar. The game isn't worth playing anymore. Some streamers have even started playing D1 on their Youtubes. Havent fixed the major problem of Primary peashooters in 2 slots and Power weapons. Game is boring as hell to play and just as much to watch. RIP D2. Lets hope they fix D3

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