Strong Digital Sales and FIFA 18 Highlight EA Q3 Report

Electronic Arts 3rd Quarter sales have revealed a strong push by digital sales and that over 40 million people played FIFA in 2017.

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akaFullMetal319d ago

"Digital sales accounted for 67% of EA’s total Q3 earnings and that number includes games purchased digitally as well as DLC and Microtransactions"

Gross, dlc and microtransactions are working I guess.

"The company also recently announced that they will soon be bringing Microtransactions back into Star Wars Battlefront II."

Ah here we go, I wonder how this is going to go down with players and be implemented............. :(

fiveby9319d ago

Casuals who play one or two games a year like FIFA UT are driving this MT business. The success of MT in FIFA UT is causing EA to conclude that every game they publish should have similar MT systems. But the audience which plays FIFA UT is not the same as the crowd who would play Anthem. SW BF2 is a bad example, as being SW it drags in every person under the sun. Anthem has no such brand recognition outside the gaming community. I for one have no intention to purchase another EA published game at this point, Anthem included. EA catering to the filthy casual crowd is ruining gaming.

RommyReigns319d ago

Fifa Ultimate Team is EA's annual online Casino.