PS4 Exclusive God of War Gets Gorgeous High-Resolution Artwork Showing Atreus and Kratos in Action

Sony launched an interesting little old-school God of War text adventure featuring Kratos and his son Atreus, and it yields beautiful artwork.

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Pancit_Canton317d ago

Sorry, no more spoiler for me from here on out. I've seen enough and my pre-ordered is ready.

jagermaster619317d ago

It's artworks bro.... don't worry it looks nothing like the game and doesn't show much so go ahead and look.

Pancit_Canton317d ago

Artwork usually contains spoiler materials like bosses concept, location and weapons. I want to experience this game as raw as possible.

Abriael317d ago

This artwork is entirely about facts that happen before the game, so no spoilers.

sampsonon317d ago

the pic of the kid on his knees is a spoiler big time. shitt

_-EDMIX-_317d ago

Turns out the artwork is some lady giving birth to Kratos 😂😂😂

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corroios317d ago

even the artwork is amazing. Really have high hopes for this game. A new type of GOW. Cant wait.