TGS08: Final Fantasy XIII Live Premiere...Underwhelmed According to, the Live Premiere Final Fantasy XIII event that was taking place today only lasted 20 minutes and included the trailers without voices. Even more annoying, the show turned out to be a live music event.

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MS Bribing3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )


Atleast, MS havent bribed any more RPGs from them.

Tomdc3512d ago

I Want Kingdom Hearts 3!!!!

xhi43512d ago

hell to the yes my friend! Bubbles for you sir!

I swear Kingdom Hearts better come out soon for the PS3 exclusively and take as much of the consoles power as it possibly can and be announced SOON, otherwise my hearts gonna be broken =(

lol well if this guy is right looks like White Knight Chronicles is the definitive RPG, its breaking so much new ground which is what I really like about it!

ShinMaster3512d ago

Aslong as Nomura isn't pressured by Square-Enix people to make it multiplatform, then it'll sure be PS3 exclusive.

juuken3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )


That premiere sounded awful. o.o

ExcelKnight3512d ago

Things got impossibly bad since they started all of their secretive "Mega Theater" events. This really sends the wrong message about their development status: What's going on and what is it going to be like?

Having all of these events just gives off one message time and time again, especially as more and more people get out of them with "meh" faces: They're not taking things seriously.

Lanoire3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

I mean its one thing doing it for a year. Its another if they keep doing it for several years. There is no words to describe the clear arrogance and their biatchslap to their fans.

And yea, Square ENIX is clearly not even a former shadow of SquareSOFT. Any fan still remembers the good old PSX days. Man, Squaresoft was pumping jewel after jewel. Almost every Squaresoft game was guaranteed triple A just by the name "Squaresoft". And some were better than others, I agree. But man when the majority is triple A, noone complains.

It was just crazy how much they did.
FF Anthology
FF tactics
Chrono Cross
Vagrant Story
Brave fenser
Bahamut Lagoon
Chocobos dungeon
And a bunch of others. It was crazy.

Nowadays, you dont hear from them anymore for 5 years. Sure, they keep saying how well their big block busters are coming along. But fans dont hear shiat from them. Sometimes we get to see a shiatass picture that really isnt that overwhelming. And the quality isnt even that much better than other games.

Ok, so maybe trailer or pictures is too much to ask. Ok, then give us some details then. What about the battle system? Whats the story about? How long will story be? Is there multi player? Is this 720P or 1080P?
But nope, nothing.

To top it off, there other products range from utter CRAP to AVERAGE spin offs clearly designed to milk and suck every dollar from their fanbase. I mean lol. All I want is to play some good RPGs. Do I really need to invest in a fking Nintendo DS, fking Sony PSP, a fking xbox 360, a fking Nintendo Wii and a fking Sony PS3 just to play some pathetic Square enix trash?

Sorry for not falling for that bloodsuck trap SE but I actually am not stupid.

Then they lied to their fans who made them this big for years claiming how FF13 is exclusive and all that shiat. "Oh look at us, we are a BIG COMPANY but we still hold traditional values like loyalty (not to mention the fact that Sony saved them from bankruptcy and its actually the PSX and PS2 consoles that made SE this big).

But sure, all 3rd party games are going multi platform right? So we understand SE. If you say, you have to make FF13 multi platform, we can live with that. But then there is this double standard. FF13 goes multi platform, but meanwhile SO4 is yet to be announced for PS3 (and is at least TIMED for 360), Infinite discovery is 360 exclusive, Last Remnant is timed exclusive.

I mean ok, the quality of these games may be underwhelming and kinda meh. But then there is absolutely no PS3 love whatsoever. FFVS13 the only PS3 project left is still years off and they seem to deliberately delaying this shiat and oh did I meantion we havent heard anything from this game yet because its so far from completion that they have nothing but a CGI trailer?

Oh yea did I mention that they clearly have issues with Sony right now and that thats the reason why they arent in HOME. When even companies like Tecmo and Capcom are in HOME?

Yea, sure thing mister. If you cant tell there is something seriously wrong with SE right now, then you need to go get yourself a big red bull energy drink. Because you clearly cant think straight right now.

SE is a not even a shadow of its former self, SquareSOFT.

Its time we move on. Level 5 ftw.

Oh and btw, there is no fanboyism in my post whatsoever. Im just stating what Im seeing: Square enix has dropped to a new low.

Daz3512d ago

People need to get out in the real world and understand competiton properly.

SL1M DADDY3512d ago

This is truly a shame. I was looking forward to FFXIII and now I feel that they have handed the series over to mediocrity. I only dread what they would do for Kingdom Hearts...

MiloGarret3512d ago

FFS, what a bunch whining little babies you all are. Did MS rape your mother or something? Do you people have the slightest fücking clue how business works? Do you understand the concept of competitiveness? Seeing you pansies cry about this game and how unevitably bad it'll be just because MS is even involved makes me happy, beacause at least I know that some of the lowest and most ignorant forms of human beings on this planet are unhappy.

On a sidenote: FF sucks, has always sucked, and will always suck no matter on what system it comes out for.

(bye bubbles, we had a good run!)

sackboy says hi3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

every franchise must die one day or must turn crap one day, sackboy thinks that ms has spoilt it with there money....
but sackboy is happy bcuz sony has other first party studios to counter ff13 and it is only a matter of time befro sony will deliver the jrpg rpg fans want, sackboy dose not care about ff13 bcuz sackboy never played any the ff games and it is not a fan of rpg, but im sure rpg fans will be pissed of.

sackboy says cheer up, u will soon be playing me in a few weeks time :)

ExcelKnight3512d ago

This honestly can't be Microsoft's fault.

Square Enix announced FFXIII back when the PS3's technical specs were coming out. There were even interviews with 3D designers showing off one of the massive full cities in the game, with most of the outdoor areas completed. Unless the PS3 (and subsequently 360) can't handle what work they did with the city, that's a humongous amount of work already done.

This game better last well over 200 hours. The wait for FFXII gave me at most 65 hours to nab most of what I wanted and 100 hours for the complete experience.

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TheColbertinator3512d ago

F*** You Square Enix.F*** you to hell!

Lanoire3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

Its time we face the facts. SE and Sony are no longer close. In fact you can tell from its pathetic presentation that this was a LAST MINUTE decision. Probably under pressure from Sony.

In fact there is also a HIDDEN MESSAGE in this presentation. Because it was so underwhelming, its clear that SE deliberately did that.

"We will hold a presentation because we must but we do not like it so we will deliver a B rated show"

I mean lets face it. 45 minutes planned and only 20 minutes of a music show. Thats just pathetic and clearly SE did not want to show anything.

Maybe thats why they havent announced FF7 remake yet. Since FF7 is Sony published and they are no longer close with Sony, they just dont want to do it.

The only ones losing from SEs arrogance, are the fans. We are treated with rehashes, pathetic ports, B rated trash RPGs thats pumped out the door and more fking pathetic trash.

Man, Level 5 ftw.

Harri44443512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

funny MS bought it just to kill it. "sad face' :(

Panthers3512d ago

Just like GTA4 DLC and DMC4 and a bunch of other games. They havent bought one sony game yet that turned out great.

Blasphemy3512d ago

Why doesn't this surprise me?

Harri44443512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )


Ogrekiller3512d ago

Dum, dum, duuuuuuum...
Ain't that a shame.