Overwatch Looks Great With 4K On Xbox One X, Reportedly Runs At Dynamic 4K Resolution

Overwatch supports 4K resolution on Xbox One X unlike the PS4 Pro, but it might be dynamic 4K instead of native.

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Pantz265d ago

Kinda surprised the PS4 Pro version is still stuck at 1080p. It can usually get a 1440p game running?

Kribwalker265d ago

Maybe it’s the 60fps that make it so the pro can’t hit 1440p and be stable

Guyfamily999265d ago

The Pro essentially doesn't have a patch. Technically the HUD is rendered in 4K, but effects weren't increased or anything, it looks the same as on a base PS4. Considering it's 2.3x as powerful the Pro could totally push the 1.8x pixels per second required for 1440p, blizzard are just being lazy.

Lime123264d ago

Imagine how is for poor Xbox One owners last 4 years.

timotim265d ago

Some people thought that due to to PS4s lead in hardware units sold that Pro would be a shoe in for devs flocking to the platform to enhance titles...but the reality of it is despite Pros year head start, it's X that is getting devs excited more to do enhanced work for it.

This is because Pro isn't that much of a leap over the base model...its almost not worth it for them. X is allowing devs to stretch there legs and push the platform

kevnb265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

I think it’s just better support from Microsoft. Microsoft understands that the audience for the x are the gamers who buy the most games, it’s less people then the base model but it’s a very important part of the audience.

timotim265d ago

I would agree with that, but I actually think it's both Microsoft and the devs enhancing these titles. Microsoft because they want to see strong support for there new platform and devs because Microsoft gave them awesome tools to use and they want to see how far they can push it.

SurgicalMenace265d ago

Tbh honest, whether you admit it or not, the enhancements are not even necessary to enjoy the game. This push for 4k blah blah blah, is only tactics to sale more consoles. Hell Uncharted or any other game of your choosing would still be great at 720. No one has ever said," Man, I could barely follow that story due to the lack of 4k enhancements." Anything to make people FEEL superior, if only console selection actually held some validity in the real world.

timotim265d ago

That is absolutely true. However, I said nothing of enjoying the game. I'm talking strictly of developer engagement. I can tell you this though...I have a 4K OLED and an X...I get better enjoyment out of the games that take advantage of my set up better. I won't go so far as to say ill kike or hate said games if they do or don't, but I will like it better if it did.

SurgicalMenace265d ago

I also have top of the line hardware, but games being clearer fail to draw me in more than a good experience. It seems like we gamers tend to convince ourselves that we agree with whatever the TV tells us to be hardcore. Meanwhile, Indie games are winning left and right having no use for 4K or otherwise. No matter if my systems are on my 4K or my 1080 I find that the graphics "enhancements", though clear, add little to the experience. Much like makeup cannot transform a woman into a better experience. It just seems like it'd be better if all these distractions were subtracted from the act of gaming, so the industry can be healthy again. Console wars, 4K, subscriptions, etc add little value to the community. What's worse is the fact that some believe, that somehow, having the best form of entertainment equates to a victory or something.

SurgicalMenace265d ago

Xbox has done a great job creating renewed interest in their console, if only that much effort went into build their gaming division back up to its former glory. Unfortunately, some of us are not shallow enough to be willing to play old games just because they look better.

2ndhandcorn264d ago

Great news was hoping it would get an update , just picked up hotwheels expansion for horizon but will have a few games tonight to check it out.

EatCrow264d ago

frame rate is king. as long as that remains consistent I dont really care how high the resolution goes. Just dont want framerate skipping around like tracer.