Resident Evil 5 shows Home love

"Finally,Takeuchi said "3D virtual space in PlayStation Home, Resident Evil 5 and decided to set up a lounge," Looking for friends in the lounge, the Resident Evil 5 co-op mode online, you can enjoy, such as special costumes PS Home will be available. Details are still unclear, PS Home and linked by the addition of Resident evil 5 will be fun"

(Look at the bottom of the article for info on home)

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tocrazed4you3446d ago

A home lounge and special costumes hehe, I wanna dress up all bloody and run around home pretending to bite people lol

sonarus3446d ago

Sounds like he is saying offline coop is only on PS3. But he is also standing in front of a playstation podium so maybe thats why

Hydrolex3446d ago

System Seller ! I guarantee that for yall

TheHater3446d ago

" Resident Evil 5 Co-op mode online"
I guess it will be both offline and online

tocrazed4you3446d ago

No sorry to burst your bubble but it will be for both versions though it would of been nice if it was a ps3 only feature because of one disc, but he said and I quote from ign.

"We asked Capcom if they planned on eventually releasing a PC version, to which they said it wasn't being considered at the moment. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions will FEATURE the SAME CONTENT and, according to Kawata, could very well receive some downloadable content after release. Resident Evil 5 is being readied for release on March 13, 2009."

sonarus3446d ago

Yea it was just at a sony event so he was just praising sony a lot more than he usually would.

But at some point he makes mention of 1/2 discs or some crap like that.

BLUR1113446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )

I don't think home will be a system seller cause most ppl will buy the ps3 for certain games well or Blu-ray ofcourse.

people buy systems for the games.

3446d ago
MaximusPrime3446d ago

certain games? there are loads of awesome games and many more coming for PS3.

Playstation is PLAYstation, you play games. Of course you can do much with PS3 but most people will consider PS3 as a gaming console.

pwnsause3446d ago

you should of said that during the PS2 era when gamers were buying their DVD movies as well since the PS2 was their first DVD player, oh wait, PlayStation Owners enjoy both. Sorry about that.

pwnsause3446d ago (Edited 3446d ago )


looks like we can dress up as our favorate Video game Characters within home (see pic)

For those guys that have been raving for this, here you go. Phil Harrison did it last year when he made his avatar Dress up as Rachet. just more proof for you guys though.

Tacki3446d ago

Whoa Chun Li! That's pretty awesome considering how pumped I am for Street Fighter IV. I wonder if they'll have any more Street Fighter outfits in Home.

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