Capcom: Resident Evil 7 Shipped 4.8 million units; Marvel vs. Capcom "Soft" With 1 Million Shipments

Capcom posted its latest financial results, with a strong performance of Resident Evil 7 and not-so-strong Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.

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Abriael321d ago (Edited 321d ago )

You may not, but Capcom does. "shipped" is the only relevant data when it comes to the money a publisher is actually getting.

When a game ships, for what concerns Capcom, it's sold. The money is in the bank. The "Shipped vs Sold" argument is trite, and relevant almost exclusively to console warriors.

Big_Game_Hunters321d ago

almost exclusively. Good thing this isn't about console wars. Unless ive missed some big news about a Capcom console.

KilluaX3320d ago

If those shipped copied don't sell, the stores send them back to Capcom. So shipped is NOT the only relevant data.

indyman7777320d ago

I would kinda agree. Whole hardheadedly with the publishers shipping part. There is a small exception though the hardware sold through effects what is USED as potential sales calculations when it comes to publishers and developers deciding which platform they can make the most money off of.

_-EDMIX-_320d ago

@Abriael - agreed.

@Killua- LOL What? No.

Stores BUY those from Capcom, once they do, they sell for the difference to make money, the deal they have with Capcom is done once those games come to their stores. So how can a store "send back" something that is already bought? Unless its broken, defective etc, Capcom made their money, I'm...I'm not sure you understand what is happening bud.

Wal Mart buys games from Capcom.

They keep buying games based on selling out ,demand, etc

When it stops selling from Walmart ie "demand goes down" Walmart simply stops buying more units from Capcom.......thats it. They don't "send back" what doesn't sell as that is irrelevant to Capcom, Walmart already paid them for the product.

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PhoenixUp321d ago

Capcom and Marvel should be ashamed how poorly MvC:I had performed commercially and critically compared to its legacy

GamesMaster1982321d ago

Agree i aint the best but for the price i paid for it £13 brand new and sealed on Ebay, it is what it is and i can't complain. But yeah no way in hell is it worth full retail price.

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FallenAngel1984321d ago

I can’t believe that freaking ARMS sold better than Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite.

One of the most coveted fighters in the industry’s latest installment barely scarped pass a million on three platforms while a new IP exclusive to one platform commercially surpassed it.

FunAndGun320d ago

It's pretty crazy when you state it like that.

I really don't ever hope a game fails, but Infinite was such a shell of a game and I am glad that laziness was not supported by the gaming community.

indyman7777320d ago

I'ts not laziness it is cheap executives cutting development time. And some times need software tools.

_-EDMIX-_320d ago

I can.

Capcom has been very, very...VERY hit or miss lately, I wouldn't buy a fighting game from them either. I'm ok with buying Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, Ace Attorney etc but some series.....I just don't touch from this publisher anymore unless I see some PROOF that things have change lol

gangsta_red320d ago

Damn...I can't even believe a MvC title did that poor.

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