For those who Missed the GOW 2 Live Stream

For those who miseed the Gears of War 2 Live stream we have everything that was showed including campaign and multiplayer so don't settle with screenshots of it.

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Harri44443390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

allot of running around and new things. but after a month i figure its going it play much like gears #1 because of the inability to level up on the technology aspect very much.

ChampIDC3390d ago

Actually, the concept of the stopping power itself is going to change the nature of online play a lot. No more diving shotgun fest. It'll still feel like almost the same game to some people, I'm sure, but at least the strategies will change, which is a big enough change in my books.

RAF-TECH3390d ago

The Graphics are nice...
the artwork matches the gameplay very nice..

Gameplay is best!

lowcarb3390d ago

Nobody is asking for a completly new Gears and really all there doing is adding more things to it that will really enhance the gameplay. RFOM2 is the exact same thing part1 just like KZ2 is but I don't see people talking about those.

Gam713389d ago

They don't talk about that because its on the ps3.
Its also the ps3 lot who wont buy this or never played the first gears that are the ones saying theres not enough change in this one.

Ironic isn't it that people who never played the first one are the ones saying the sequel is just more of the same without playing this one either.

ActionBastard3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

Wait, R2 is the exact same as RFOM? Giant bosses, 8 player co-op campaign and 60 player multiplayer? Just LOOK at Killzone 2 then pull up some vids of Killzone. Now Gears, what has been done? Meat Shields. Chainsaw battles. Oh! Oh! Instead of 4v4, it's 5v5! Maybe a new mode in multiplayer? Hell, there's even Gears 1 maps for the damn thing. That's why Gears of War 2 is complete and utter "meh".

lowcarb3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

You sound like a muppet baby...blah blah blah.
If you look at killzone 2 it's the exact same game as part one with a higher resolution oh and same story which is the exact same thing. Then you look at RFOM2 and the gameplay is exactly the freaking same with added players that doesn't serve any other purpose other then bragging rights.I never said RFOM2 would suck but if you jealous envious losers want to complain about gears then you need to look in the mirror first. There's just a lot more there and everyone is more excited for Gears then resistance except for PS3 fanboys.

Edit below: LOL...I don't have to claim anything Kermie and if you want proof then simply check out vids or wait for it's release. RFOM2 is exactly the same game and you make yourself look so stupid trying to compare the two. Your just fooling yourself and labeling action bastard as just a retard with poor tastes and on a mission to prove a point that he can't. Watch young one as your oh so wonderful game get's raped this holiday feature for feature and prepare for a friendly PM. :P

ActionBastard3389d ago

A lot more there, yet you can't name anything. Features and additions, outside the story, are what draw players in. Dance puppet! Dance!

ProTip: Videogame sequels are usually continuations of a story.

ActionBastard3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

You're the exact type of kid they market this stuff for. You save your allowance for the same game you bought 2yrs ago. It even looks the same. Oh! Oh! There's a different locust skin now. Wow. Keep telling yourself it's great, without providing any reasons. I'll still be laughing and providing reasons why it's the same. The differences in Gow and Gow2 are the same as Madden 08 and Madden 09. Meh.

1 more thing: I didn't compare the 2 games. I replied to your insecure comment about Killzone 2 and R2, in a GoW2 post. Man, I can do this all day...

Gam713389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

yeah how can you do this all day?
where did you get those bubbles from because you seem blind to whats in front of you.

so if gears has a 300ft boss it'll be good?
does it have to be exactly 300ft or can it just be huge
oh and what about the brumak?

Sitdown3389d ago

I seen yesterday really does nothing for the game. Anyhow, you can pre-order the limited edition at Toysrus for the same price as the regular.

Harri44443389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

so what all of you xbox fans are saying is that we should still be playing the original xbox?

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bomboclaat_gamer3390d ago

the tranny lover has gears 2. woohoo.

Gam713390d ago

Well i'm buying gears 2 as i loved gears 1 so much so more of the same is ok with me. The first was so good its not as if it needs a radical makeover.
If the first was average i could see why.

Also people havent played it yet so we don't know how samey or different it is.
How about waiting to play it first.

ChampIDC3390d ago

I feel like the game is getting enough changes. There's no point in breaking a good formula, so I'm glad they're not messing with the mechanics much.

solidt123390d ago

Sweet, looks very cinematic

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