Dragon Ball FighterZ Has Taken Capcom's Crown writes:

''Capcom was once the undisputed champion of the fighting game genre. Sat proudly upon its throne, the Japanese giant fended off its rivals confidently. While they may boast a dense library of franchises, there’s two that stand out. Street Fighter and Marvel Vs Capcom.''

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PixelGateUk237d ago

As long as you don't get bodied by Krillin ;)

UCForce237d ago

Or get eaten by Android 21.

masterfox237d ago

lol, Capcom lost that crown way long ago.

babadivad236d ago

They lost their way with SFV.

Si3g237d ago

For casuals this should be true, but DB Fighterz is not even the best ArcSysten game, so it's far from being the number one fighting game, which is SFV

Tito08234d ago

SFV is isn't even that great with the many technical issues it has, so it isn't #1, I'm a SF fan, but SFV isn't any better than the likes of Tekken 7, KOF14 and now DBFZ.

TheOttomatic91237d ago

Capcom unintentionally threw the crown away due to the awful launch of SF5

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The story is too old to be commented.