Can Level 5 De-throne Square Enix? + New Mag Scan

Will level 5's WKC make as big of a splash as Sony hope? Is Level 5 worth acquiring?

Interesting read overall plus a two new magazine scan from a Chinese gaming magazine.

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MainEv3nt 693542d ago

sony should hurry up and buy them

sonarus3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

lol with what money?

They should save their money for price cuts but if they can afford it Level 5 would be the RPG studio to buy. They already have quite a few studios with them and with the funds a publisher like sony can pump in for them they will be able to make even better games

RememberThe3573542d ago

but I don't see Sony acquiring them. Level-5 has a good thing going on this gen, they git all those DS games, all the things with Sony, they're on a role right now. If were them I would stay independent. They're a very good dev, and I'm sure they're worth a butt load. Plus, Sony doesn't have to worry about them making games for the 360.

sonarus3542d ago

Yea they were working on an Xbox exclusive but Microsoft didn't let that end too well. But time heals all wounds (time and money:D)

thePatriot3542d ago

Its all up to us and how we spend out money. Anyone up for dethroning the jrpg king? I just ate though.

nbsmatambo3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

if WKC turns out to be [email protected], then Sony should buy them, or at least make them love the PS3 so much that they wont turn back

for lvl-5 to love the PS3 we, the customers, have to buy WKC like hot cakes, then the light will click in their heads..=)

Lanoire3542d ago

In terms of size, its impossible to be bigger than SE as SE is the biggest developer in Japan not just for RPGs.

But looking at art, talent and creativity, SE is no longer on the same level as Squaresoft used to be.

Level 5 on the other hand is showing heaps of talent and creativity and art.

I have no doubt Level 5 is here to make an impact with WKC. WKC will have similar impact as FF7 did for the PS1. Its coming this holiday in Japan.

Its done in Japan. Home, LBP and WKC this holiday season. PS3 has an unstoppable line up.

mikeslemonade3542d ago

Level 5 has more freedom because they make exclusive games. Square Enix's multiplatform games they have sacrifice the potential of the game to make it work on all systems.

Obama3542d ago

No need to buy them since level 5 has a very sour relationship with MS according to its president. He even declared that the company will never work with MS again.

Tetsuryu3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

As appealing as that may sound, Level-5 is interested in becoming a publisher.

Chuck Norris3542d ago

Level 5 should remain independent; they will improve more as developers that way. Sony should consider buying a minority stake at Level 5 to help them grow bigger with additional funding.

What Sony needs to do is maintain a good relationship with Level 5 by providing them all the support they need to create games for the PS3 and by giving them the creative freedom that they deserve.

juuken3542d ago

I agree most definitely.
White Knight Chronicles looks AMAZING.

Sarcasm3542d ago

Chuck Norris is right. Infact Chuck roundhouse kicked it and made "Right" into "left"

joking aside I agree.

Sony, don't buy Level-5. But instead, invest as much support as possible into their studio sort of like the relationship they have with Insomniac.

agmsd3542d ago

I hope so man. It will be a Holiday to celebrate.

Lanoire3542d ago

Sorry but the facts dont lie.

Rogue Galaxy
Dragon Quest
Loads of potential
Great talents

SL1M DADDY3542d ago

Why? Simple. SE has become a bloated, self absorbed developer/publisher and is nothing like the Square that made great games like FFVII and the like. They are now a company that is turning out mediocre games for profit alone and forgetting about the art of gaming. Level 5's WKS is looking to bring back some of the epic feeling that true JRPG's are said to have.

leyego3542d ago

sorta like how EA does it with there games now.
b4 they were great, now its just a name with w/e bs they can take on to the title to make it sell.

i think square is trying to do the same now, low costs, high profit due to name alone.

i wonder what the ff13 reviews will be like when they come out.

LastDance3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

Lol you guys are all wrong........

............................. .............................. .
........................squar e enix already dethroned themselves.

macalatus3541d ago

@last dance

Bubbles for you for that best quote of the day!

Squaresoft was better before they merged with their RPG maker rival Enix. I lost faith in Squareenix games since after playing (but never bothered finishing)that over-hyped FFXII.

IMHO, I personally believe that Squareenix knows that their games are going to suck, so that's why they decided to bring their Final Fantasy franchise multi-platform, so they could recoup their money in case the game flops.

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Skyreno3542d ago

I Agree. Buy them media molecule and Also Level-5 ^^ well atleast buy level-5 first

DarkArcani3542d ago

What needs to happen is maintaining a strong relationship. Much like Insomniac. Stay independent so they are free to do what they want. That means more awesome different games, instead of being stuck to making just WKC games.

Overr8ed3542d ago

N they Should buy Mm first since LBP is a Hit! Lvl 5 should be reconsidered in buying, Or Sony + Lvl 5 can have the same relationship with each other like MS and Bungie.

Myze3541d ago

The reason I wouldn't mind seeing Sony purchase either company, and why I believe at least one of the two wouldn't mind being bought (aside from the obvious security factor), is because Sony DOES allow freedom and support to it's 1st party developers or to companies making games they are publishing (ie., LBP), which is why you never hear a game company complain about their relationship with Sony. In fact, most companies in this situation are constantly praising the support Sony gives them.

TOO PAWNED3542d ago

they have no wish 2 sell as president said many times

jkhan3542d ago

Its not about dethroning a company. Its about whether White Knight Chronicles can beat FF-XIII or FF-versus XIII offerings this generation. We know next to nothing about FF-XIII and versus, but we do know WKC will be one tough competitor to beat.

shine13963542d ago

how do we actually know that?
Its going to be released in a couple of months, and they didn't have a playable build. And this was tgs, japan's biggest games conferance, and the last one till the game releases.
I suppose it goes to show, if you build top quality rpgs you can rise meteorically...They really have only been going on for ten years...

Rock Bottom3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

Just because that stupid forum guy said they didn't have a playable build doesn't mean they don't, go to WKC's page in GameTrailers and see for your self, there was a playable build in last year's TGS, and there is an ON-LINE playable build this year.

One more thing, when L5 first started they were developing one game at a time, now they're working on WKC, two psp games and three DS announced games at the same time, and there's a rumor about working on a new Dark Chronicles game.

spectyre3541d ago

and he only gets a disagree? I know what the problem is, you didn't post a link.
White Knight was at TGS '08 in playable form. End of story.

TheColbertinator3542d ago

I have no doubt that Level 5 will beat Fabulla Nova Crystallis.Final Fantasy has grown stagnant in the past few years and Star Ocean 4 and WKC will dethrone FFXIII

Harry1903542d ago

definitely won't, but WKC has a chance/ It reminds me of FF9 a little.

TheColbertinator3542d ago

No I think SO4 is plenty capable.You'll see.

Lanoire3542d ago

Not with those bullshots, average character design, average rpg storyline and combat system that befits the average RPG.

SO4 will not be any triple A status whatsoever. Let alone have any chance to rival FF13.

Shane Kim3542d ago

Seriously Steven, SO4 looks like dog turd.

Rock Bottom3542d ago

I love Level-5 games but I don't think they're as good as FF yet, also what's this SO nonsense you're talking about, SO3 was a stupid game with good graphics, SO4 have nice graphics but uses an improved SO3 fighting system, it has no chance of ever coming close to FF with that.

TheColbertinator3542d ago

Never mind then.You guys play WKC.I will play WKC and S04 so whatever

leyego3542d ago

SO is just repeats of the other installments.
same story line, same battle system (somewhat).
i got bored of every SO so far. ive played pretty much all of them from the PS, PS2, to the SNES.

they need to change it up a bit.

TheColbertinator3541d ago

I said never mind.Lets drop this

mfwahwah3541d ago

I don't like being told what to do.

SO4 doesn't look as good as FF13 or Versus 13.

WKC looks better than all, but the FFs may be tough competition.

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