Who Cares about Blu-Ray?

Shane Burley writes:

"After the dust settled between the two relatively similar formats, HD-DVD and Blu-ray, it seemed like Blu-ray was the official winner. This seems contrary to conventional logic because adult film companies, by far the largest sellers of home video discs, almost roundly accepted HD-DVD as the new standard. So the only way Blu-ray could possibly have won without the support of porn companies is by bringing their product to a new market-but was that market really looking for another physical video format?"

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tk3480d ago

BR making inroads... as result many BR haters downplay it. One of 100 similar "articles" and blogs trying to tell the consumer that he bought his HD TV to watch SD content.

thereapersson3480d ago

All those compressed movies, offering compression artifacts and macro blocking... boy, I'm glad my cable service offers that!

Oh yeah, and I can't forget, upscaled DVD's are true HD! Who needs 1080p when my 480p signal stretched across a 1080p screen will do just fine!

Yeah man, screw Blu-Ray. Who needs a better picture?

Lanoire3480d ago

And here I thought Blu Ray had dismissal sales and will die because digital downloads is taking over by the end of 2008.

I mean isnt that what Microsoft said just 5 months ago?

Man, what a joke.

thereapersson3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

Look at who submitted this article.

Hey BloodySinner, i'm glad you decided to pair up your flamebait anti-blu-ray article with a picture of equal flamebait merit, lol...

SL1M DADDY3480d ago

Yet another stupid BD hater blogging about the format with little to no truth or substance. Golly guys, what happened when Iron Man was released on BD? Oh yeah, it broke tons of records and sold tons thus proving that BD is on it's way in and DVD is slowly on its way out. Can't wait to see what these idiot critics say when the Dark Knight is released.

Ateanboy3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )


I LOVE the way people think that Downloads are the future... It makes me realize how gullible people can really be...

If most people are like myself, and I think they are, then most people will like to know that the movie they've purchased is in a physical form, a secure form. I can take that movie where ever I want. A friend's house, a relative's house, etc. And when I'm bored of it, I can even SELL the movie forward, or let a friend have it for free.

These are ALL things that CAN'T be done with movie downloads. And this is why digital content will NEVER be the future.

With that said, I suspect that the people who don't care about blu-ray are the people who have never seen a Blu-ray movie on an HDTV. After 1 or 2 blu-rays you get spoiled, and you never want to watch a normal DVD ever again.

Trust me.

Gothdom3480d ago

as I stated before, I'll believe in the possibility of Digital Downloawds when the Internet Service Providers stop being jerks.

red5ive3480d ago

you speak the truth brother. i really want everything on bd now.

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pwnsause3480d ago

wow, these HD-DVD fanboys keep on trying even though their format is dead.

The Stuttttterer3480d ago

Just Look at who Sub-bbbmited it

meepmoopmeep3480d ago


lmao at your username and the way you comment.

Sarcasm3480d ago

Simple Jack, is that you???

BLuKhaos3480d ago

I guess some people like having a turd smeared across they're eyes.BLu-Ray is like sex to your eyes.

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Kakkoii3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

It's not like the DVD porn industry is even that big anymore anyways, the internet has stolen so much of it's profits. It's mostly porn paysites that make the money now. While other stuff is just downloaded for free. Or most people stick to the free porn clip type porn sites, as there is usually more interesting porn to watch there than the plastic looking generic porn that's sold mostly these days.

xhairs93480d ago

Hooray for longer porns!

chewmystink3480d ago

Stop with shoving digital download service down our throat which is what this article is getting at.
You run with digital download service and I can guarantee thats when movies will become a disposable item. A consumer isn't going to see the "worth" of all these movies sitting on their hard drive, that they have paid top dollar for and cannot sell, trade or buy second hand. You will just see more so of a shift to people downloading movies through peer to peer or other mechanisms instead of paying a provider for it.
Then the argument will be that paid for movie services are of better quality than a divx/xvid download, which is the same argument now between dvd and bluray so it goes both ways. Also encoding techniques are getting better and we could shift away from divx/xvid encoded movies on the peer to peer networks.
Please just give it up, bluray is here to stay and has that many more cons to it as a format than a digital distribution service that only the blind analysts and companies with vested interests ie Micro$oft keep pushing for digital distribution model which will be there but will always be a niche market due to so many limiting restrictions of it's use.

nos4speed3480d ago

Couldnt agree more! Blu-ray is like watching a whole new experience the quality is sooo good. And I hate the idea of digital download service, I could go to my local store and get a blu-ray quicker than I could download a low quality movie, then theres the idea of having somewere to store all these movies, low quality ones look crap, high quality swallow space like a basking shark! and of course you cant forget about insurance....If I have a collection of 50 blu-ray movies and have a house fire then my insirance will cover it, but most insurance firms dont cover downloads. To me download movies seem like to much effort for too little benefit.

Ju3480d ago

Buuut... DD is the future. That's why there is a console without a HDD - and w/o BD drive. Hm. err...

user8586213480d ago

I Do!!! loving the thing!! ordered season 1 of terminator and damages :D next week it'll be heroes seasons 1 n 2 :D wooo!!!

B-Rein3480d ago

I DO!!!!! if you own blu ray dvds then youll see, (they dont get damaged easily) they hold alot of data and also they look quality