Sarah Palin in Rock Band 2

Kotaku writes: Oh, you thought we were done with the Sarah Palin shit? Well think again, my friends.

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eric1003538d ago


even a 5 year old kid can give a better interview than that DONKEY

theKiller3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

she is a big c00k suuuker!

she is racist, she is accusing obama for being soft on "terrorist" she wants to make another wars with the muslim world with her new fuuuker McCain, she is corrupted and found guilty of miss using her power in alaska!! so what does any body expect from her when she have great power?? i think if McCain get the power the american economy will on get worst!! Wars cost a lot of billians, and this so called war on terror(which is a semi war on islam) cost america billions every years, if i was a president i will try to make peace with all people in the world and spend money on health insurance and education system instead of the billions spent on the bombed cars and helicopters in iraq and Afghanistan ect!!

i cant believe how stupid many(not all) americans r, they r like sheeps, when a new candidate say some bullsh*t and with some media support, the americans easily believe them like sheeps, they say obama is muslim but hiding it and they believe, they say obama help terrorist they believe, they say obama loves Hamas(even though he called them terrorist) they believe etc!!

SEAN16173538d ago

i really dislike that @#$%^ why do people want the country run by idiots or worst people who act like idiots so they can be appealing to the masses?

marionz3538d ago

americas fu(ked nomatter whos running it, most corrupt place on earth

HairyBrownSack3538d ago

yup. a shame the jew media (FACT. look it up., and don't call me racist, u f*cking MORONS. jew is not a race. it's a religion. dumbass MORONS) won't let Nader at the debates, or he'd win and really change the country for the better.

aside from that...

McCain > Black/Iraq Hussein Osama

And Palin is a MILF.

what more do u need to know? pooooooor welfarecrats :(

BlueRevolvuR3538d ago

this is getting out of hand now. politics and games should be kept distant! unless theres a political theme in teh game

vitz33538d ago

LOL. Kotaku isn't news. It's crap. Report this filth.

VMAN_013538d ago

I don't care about this woman or American politics I just hope politics and gaming are kept far apart.

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