Rumor: New 'Sonic The Hedgehog' Kart Racer In Development

Sumo Digital is rumored to be working on a Kart Racer utilizing an "established global IP". Get the details here, after the jump.

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DarkOcelet140d ago

I hope that's Sonic and Sega All star racing 3.

Gunstar75139d ago

Yep. It was an awesome game. Still play it on back-compat

Starman69137d ago

One of the most underrated games of all time. Deserves 'classic status'.

PhoenixUp140d ago

It’d be great to get another Sega Superstars game

TheGamersGhost140d ago

Pretty sure this was already squashed by Sega's PR.

InTheZoneAC139d ago

Smells like a flop if it were true

maximumburrito138d ago

If you're wrong, you must commit seppuku