Spore Expansion Available For Pre-Order

A week or two ago, something called Spore Creepy & Cute Parts Pack - an expansion for Spore - appeared on Amazon and Gamestop's online catalogues before being quickly taken down. Well, the listing is back up now along with box art.

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EvilCackle3570d ago

I'm not sure the quick release time bodes well for the content of the expansion. Or maybe it was stuff they had half-completed but couldn't fit into retail.

Enate3570d ago

oh wait I thought I smelled the sims marketing plan

f7897903569d ago

Piracy with me in the front of the line. I bought the game and I'm not paying for creature parts that should have been put in the original game.

thereapersson3570d ago

Now available for piracy...

Rapture3333569d ago

And EA wonders why people pirate?

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