Is Xbox Game Pass the Beginning of the End of Xbox One As We Know It?

Gadgets 360 says: "In this episode of Transition — Gadgets 360’s gaming podcast, we delve into the world of Xbox Games Pass. Announced last year, Microsoft’s stab at a Netflix-like subscription service will now have the company’s upcoming Xbox One exclusives available on it from day one. On the surface it seems like a shrewd move, allowing consumers a flat fee monthly access to the latest and greatest on the Xbox One. However there’s more to it. "

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PhoenixUp289d ago

Way to blow this completely out of proportion

289d ago
AizenSosuke289d ago

The end of Xbox as we know it maybe.

AngelicIceDiamond288d ago

Everything MS does is the "end" for Xbox.

Rhythmattic287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

Everything MS does is for Xbox "Live".. The writings on the wall.
Basically its going to be the start of Gaas, Just like mobile gaming, except, on top of that, there will even be a price for access....
Its all part and parcel.
this news alone should give you the gist.....

ImGumbyDammit287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

@Rhythmattic You act like you know what you talking about but, you really don't. You seriously have no clear idea of what PlayFab is do you? You see cloud in an article and assume it something about Microsoft making a transition to GAAS for the Xbox.

PlayFab is developers tool set to watch and modify games back-end servers. So, that a game, like Monster Hunter, (with a large online multiplayer base) can scale and modify it is usage to better serve those playing the game. It also allows you to connect the games you have across platforms. (It is quite popular tool in mobile development) Many times gamers build very basic tools similar to PlayFab into their code. PlayFab is just using similar ideas but, exposing a larger too set for developers. It gathers and displays metric data for you as a developer to act upon. At the very basic level PlayFab is similar to how web developers place scripts into their pages that push data back to tracking servers so the individual site visitor data can be aggregated. This is not evidence of Microsoft transitioning to GAAS. It is actually evidence of Microsoft's plan to get other game companies, big like Ubisoft, Activision, Capcom, 2K, etc.. or even small like Firefly or Hello GAmes to use Microsoft Azure data centers as their multi-player and online gaming servers over the competition like Amazon.It also presents an alternative to companies that may have thought about using their own servers infrastructure to support their games to use the Azure as their back-end because it provides it much more complete and efficient answer then using their own internal servers or the competitions. It is tool set that will be integrated for use with Azure gaming services. It adds to a growing list of tools Microsoft is gathering to support developers. This move does not benefit Microsoft gaming any more than any other company willing to use Azure services. By which there are already 1,200 games using PlayFab tool set. Many gamers have played a game or more that have this tool set already. And it definitely does not represent a move by Xbox to a GAAS system.

But, hey as long as we are pointing out GAAS. Here is a story, a little old, but much more truthful to a company dear to your heart that shows it ramping up to be a real GAAS player by a true investment in cloud gaming.

crazyh0rse289d ago

where was the "Is PSNOW the Beginning of the End of PS As We Know It?" article. these articles are so pointless

Dlaw76287d ago

It's Microsoft you know anything they do gets those Make America Great Again folks panties soak

RadarRider288d ago

Can we please stop with the click-bait articles about the Xbox Game Pass - articles worth reading would be nice. I feel like I just read an article from the Star Magazine of gaming.

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