Final Fantasy VII: This Game Are Sick

Final Fantasy VII gets a perfect score. For all its imperfections and hype, it offers too memorable and inimitable a trip to deserve anything less.

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Chaos_Order17d ago

It's a reference to a mistranslation in the English version of FF7. I think it was "This guy are sick!"

ClanPsi117d ago (Edited 17d ago )

A part of me is really glad I didn't know that.

It isn't just the title, though. The entire article reads like it was written by a middle-schooler.

Sarcasm17d ago

This uh, review, or opinion piece. Is long af.

BlahBlahWhatever17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

I read it all although it was huge! but I enjoyed every moment of it, this guy is amazing, first of all he knows for what he's talking about, it's obvious that he spent time with the game & read carefully every piece of text line he could find in order to not leave any questions he had on his mind unanswered, second his comments on various stuff about the game is hilarious & it made me burst out laughing quite a few times while reading :P & last I can't agree more with him that any FFVII-related content released after the original game can go to fck off & have nothing to do with the game, it was plain & simply a money-grab & not worth to carry the name of FFVII, I treat all these as non-canon material, I also read a bit about his opinion about every other FF & I also agree with him for the most part, all in all very nice writing, it was very enjoyably & funny, I had a good time, definitely worth reading :)

TheOttomatic9117d ago

True makes me think that Square Enix should get Bluepoint to do a graphical remake of FF7 like they did for SOTC but then no one would buy FF7R

BlackDoomAx17d ago

Really nice read. He got me at the 'fuck this,fuck that' paragraph :) And i can't agree more to his conclusion.
Thank you.