Neocrisis: New Killzone 2 Scan

Neocrisis: A new scan for Killzone 2 has surfaced. The scan has a small image which shows the symbol "TGS" which may suggest these images were taken that this years Tokyo Game Show.

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Sillyace923565d ago

I can't read or understand Japanese, assuming it is Japanese.

eric1003565d ago

BTW LBP's IGN and EUROGAMER reviews will be out tomorrow

Or tonight

I know the scores though --10 and 9.8

Max Power3565d ago

9.8 is from eurogamer than that is really generous by their standards.

eric1003565d ago

generous by standard??

they gave Gaylo3 10/10

BTW as for eurogamer verdict see here

soul899er3565d ago

looks amazing! some of those pics are from the First Trailer right?

...... Why the heck do i have 2 bubbles? T_T what did i do?

Max Power3565d ago most, if not all, of those pictures are on that site, oh and of course they are better quality.

soul899er3565d ago

Alright! >_< thanks alot!

meepmoopmeep3565d ago

moar viruses for all!!!


Gamer_Z3565d ago

i cant wait! just need a PS3 tho


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