What are the chances of a classic Sonic title similar to Mega Man 9?

Akinori Nishiyama, General Manager of the Sonic Team has provided comments on the chances of a class Sonic game similar to Mega Man 9.

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TheTimeDoctor3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

i love that idea. how about a mario too!

kunit22c3565d ago

to mario, they just need this idea because sonic hasnt been doing so good in 3d just like megaman, but mario on the other hand has been doing good in 3d so they dont need to make one, and they kinda are but its just more advanced then what your thinking its called new super mario bros. for DS and they migh make a second one.

Millah3565d ago

Yea this would be a great idea for a Sonic game because Sonic has never been as good as the 2D games, so this could bring Sonic back to his former glory. Mario doesn't have that problem lol.

PirateThom3565d ago

If you're going the New Super Mario route, the Sonic Rush games on DS are also fantastic. In fact, Sonic Rush is my second favourite DS game, after NSMB.

Ateanboy3564d ago

Sonic is by Sega, Mario is by Nintendo.

I would LOVE a classic Sonic game!!! Those where the best games!!! I used to love going over to my friends house just 2 play this game. Cause at home i had the SNES and mario.

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Yi-Long3565d ago

... me, and many other, have been begging for a new, side-scrolling, 2D, sprite-based new Sonic game for YEARSSSSssssssssss...

I'm still surprised how quick developers lost interest in making 2d sprite-based games (fighters, platformers, shooters), when 3d games came around. Just imagine the possibilities with todays HD technologies and power, of making great high-res gorgeously looking 2d platformers and fighters (new King f Fighters looks promising)

I not only want a high-res new Sonic game (and one that looks, plays and FEELS like the first 2 Sonic games on the Megadrive, and like Sonic CD), but I also want many other old classics to resurface in HD sprite-based goodness, like Turrican, or Superfrog, or Alien Breed, or a new Lucasarts adventure like Monkey Island, etc etc etc.

Mini Mario3565d ago

^ some games are just better in 2d. Sonic is one. Mega man is better too.

I really want a super mario world 3 tho. Just like it was on the snes. New super mario bros should not have looked as 3d as it did in a 2d game (meaning all the characters were in 3d...looked weird)

TheColbertinator3565d ago

A new 2D Sonic would be the best decision SEGA has made in years.

Omegasyde3565d ago

I agree make a 2d game with SUPER 1080P GRAPHICS.

Consider it bought once made.

Also Sonic was always my favorite mascot and its a shame that his 3d games were trash (desided sonic adventures 1 on the dreamcast)

Sonic however did rock hard in Super Smash Brothers Melee.

kesvalk3565d ago

of course a sonic game can work on 3d.

is the lack of passion and hability of sega devs that make the games flop...

anyway, as a fan of the series, i would love a 2d game with a lot of speed...

DrWan3565d ago

But, where are the nine unannouced game from Sony, 1 from Irem and one from Konami??

Irem is Spelunker

Maybe Dress is one of them? should be 8 more?

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