The Analog Circle Podcast: Does Xbox Game Pass Hurt The Xbox Brand?

In this weeks episode Kiaun will discuss God Of War's release date,Anthem is getting delayed,More information has come out about Crystal Dynamics Avengers project,PUB-G is giving away battle points,Days Gone developer Sony Bend Studios are looking for play testers to try out the game. This and much more on this episode.

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NoPeace_Walker318d ago (Edited 318d ago )

It will only make it stronger. You buy a Xbox console, and pay less than $10 a month for non-streaming, local downloading versions of games....including AAA MS exclusive games on DAY ONE. It is for the players! 👍🏼

Did you know Netflix was once a mail only disc delivery brand?? When it added digital delivery, the brand became a monster. Food for thought.

343_Guilty_Spark318d ago

EA will make it even stronger

Sciurus_vulgaris318d ago

I think MS wouldn’t benefit that much from buying EA. It would likely take decades to make the money back from purchasing EA. Not to mention EA is a company that generate most of its revenue from licensed multi-platform sports games. MS would be better off buying and building several smaller studios of 100-300 staff than purchasing EA.

343_Guilty_Spark318d ago (Edited 318d ago )

Paul Thurrot a long time MS insider thinks it’s a great idea:

Solves exclusive problem in the long term
Long standing partnerships between MS and EA
EA access integrates well into Xbox Game Pass
EA knows how to manage a successful storefront, Origin.
Also positions MS to be ahead of the pack in terms of Netflix for’s coming and everyone knows it

It’s an excellent purchase.

343_Guilty_Spark318d ago (Edited 318d ago )

You lack vision

How much will these several studios cost?

What is their track record?

Any experience in online ecosystem?

When can we expect games?

Any projections in sales?

What is the budget on the games?

Do the have existing licenses, engines, middleware?

Too many unknowns.

Left alone EA sports and Star Wars licenses on OS4 and Switch could fund Xbox exclusives. A newcomer wouldn’t have this.

Dlaw76318d ago

Microsoft a company that rarely makes games wanna support their own product not even making exclusive to their product is causing all this hate can someone please explain to me did Microsoft bang ol grandma or something time to let it go pal