Irem announces quartet of new titles

"A Spelunker remake, Disaster Report sequel, new RPG, and Sengoku card battle game are en route from the niche Japanese publisher."

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tocrazed4you3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

Ps3 exclusive from IREM is a remake of spelunker exclusively for the psn. And to edge magazine u fail again three more exclusives for the psp has just been announced.

ExcelKnight3536d ago

How many of them will actually come out over here, though?

Let's just hope Irem can get them out here, but I doubt all three will end up outside of Japan.

Fanboy Slaughter3536d ago

I personally would like to see a sequel to Disaster Report. I think it was a fun, VERY overlooked title that thrust you into an earthquake-destroyed city with very little to go on.

To This day it has possibly the best inventory management system I have ever seen. Throughout the game, you'd come across backpacks, increasing in size with each new one, and the inventory was a 3D grid of the interior of the backpack, and you could adjust the angles of what you were storing to squeeze as much as you could in there without sacrificing any inventory (Think of Resident Evil 4's briefcase, execpt with multiple layers).

This game was really one of those rare budget titles that would've been worth $40 or so dollars at the time of release.

hotrider123536d ago

why cant Irem make another R-type shooter for ps3???