120° Paid Character Customisation Is Coming

After the new button named "Paid Character Customization" was found in the game files recently, speculation was rife about a possible new way to customize World of Warcraft characters in ways that have previously not been possible.

Today, WoW's Lead Producer Jay Allen Brack announced in a press conference that there WILL be a paid character customization feature coming. No further details were revealed, but this could mean players might be able to change their characters' race, faction, face and/or sex.

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FantasyStar3506d ago

Not what I wanted to hear.

Timesplitter143506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

As if monthly subscription for WoW, [email protected] Diablo 3 and three Starcraft 2 just weren't enough

Seriously... What's wrong with Blizzard? I thought they could resurrect the PC but they just keep making everyone angry. Same goes for Valve. They're putting their stuff on the X360, diss the PS3 for no reason (read : because Gabe Newell worked for MS for 13 years) and let EA do a crappy port. Gabe Newell is arrogant (but well at least he agrees that they shouldn't put their games on consoles). Why can't they just concentrate on PC? No console ports. And stop it with the episodic content and Steam and all that stuff. Just make regular, full games.

Man I don't want the PC to die. I'll miss the LAN parties

Lumbo3506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

LAN Party movement died with broadband

Lumbo3506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

damn post delay :S

Timesplitter143506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

LAN parties will never die.

It's morally unacceptable to let them die. It's our duty to preserve them for the future generations.

Think of the children...

moe843506d ago

Not sure about where you live, but Lan Parties are still very much alive.

Leord3505d ago

LAN Parties rock.

Dreamhack FTW!

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Ghoul3506d ago

oh no they offer something new
horray blizzard

wait you gotta pay for it
BOOOO blizzard


moe843506d ago

Faction changes would kill the game imo. Race change is just absurd. Sex and face change, more reasonable. But still ridiculous.

Leord3505d ago

Yes. You are probably right there.

yamamoto1143506d ago

What they really need to do is add modifiers for character proportions.

Leord3505d ago

Yes please! Make chars slightly different from each other!

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