TrustedReviews: Fracture Review

There's an sour irony in the fact that you'll spend most of your time in Fracture moving earth and rock around, because if there was ever a game that buried its best ideas under a mountain of rubble, this is it.

The strongest concept in the game is its technical USP and the only thing that gives this third-person action game any real sense of identity. The feature in question is terrain deformation; Brody, your hideously generic, armour-clad, futuristic super-soldier is packing a weapon - the Entrencher - that enables him to raise and lower small sections of the landscape at will. Need cover? Zap the ground and form a handy hummock to hide behind. Shields running low? Blast a hole or trench where you can rest and lick your wounds for a second. The Entrencher is a pretty useful tool and one you'll find yourself employing it to create ramps over barriers, tunnels under gates and even scatter foes with a well-aimed blast. Watching the landscape ripple and deform as you fire is about as close as Fracture gets to a wow moment.

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