World of Goo Review from GamesCathedral

The wiiware game that received a rare 9.5 from has just received a 10/10 from German Website, "GamesCathedral".

Please note that this is the first 10/10 the site has ever given, trumping games like Metal Gear Solid 4 and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

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TheColbertinator3446d ago

Looks like IGN was not alone in liking this game

blockhead17003446d ago

its good to see some quality games coming to the wii 2008-2009 year of the wii

Maxned3446d ago

You can go on and view an english (with a german accent) version of the review.

DanteLinkX3446d ago

Should support this game, seriously, everyone go out there and buy it, you wanted good games? you have it now, now its your time to do your part, go buy it, its only 14.99 on wii points available on the Wii shop store.

See this is what I have always said, this game has no HD graphics, no fancy guns, no "stronger than porn-stars" characters, and yet its a beautiful masterpiece, just like the old school games where the main draw was the gameplay. Thanks 2Dboys for this amazing game.

Zerodin3445d ago

Higher then what LBP scored, and this is a Wiiware title.!