These 10 games prove the Switch ain’t just a console for kids

A cross-genre breakdown of some of the best games to play on Switch that aren't targeted at the traditional Nintendo demographic

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TheEnigma313323d ago

Ummm who said it was a console for just kids? I think Nintendo has done a good job so far with a diverse line up and third party support.

Kumakai323d ago

Bro. Look at th marketing, line up, exclusives and Nintendo’s history and tell me it’s not directed at kids. All the cartoon carrying cases with characters on them etc. I haven’t seen adults clamoring to get a Pokémon travel case. And also. Switches biggest 2 exclusives are Mario odyssey and Zelda, compared to Sony’s Horizon Zero Dawn and XB1s forza 7 racing simulator or say Battlefield.... clearly the PS4 and xb1 aren’t catering to children nearly as much. In fact barely.

TheEnigma313323d ago

I'm talking about the switch. The Switch has been very diverse.

Dragonscale323d ago

So is he. He forgot to mention the cardboard though lol.

Segata323d ago

Switch uses adults in their ads. Stylized does not equate kids. More kids play Call of Duty than Splatoon or Zelda.

_-EDMIX-_323d ago (Edited 323d ago )

Completely agreed the biggest problem I have with people trying to pretend that the switch is not caring towards children is simply that how is it any different than any of the previous Nintendo systems? They're acting as if we've never got Zelda or Mario on a Nintendo platform before 😂😂😂

Nintendo was catering to the same demographic they've been catering to for generations.


So they could use as many adults in their ads as they feel like it but at the end of the day this device is catering to children in regards to its first party lineup...

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Mungamingzone323d ago

Its like any other console there are both kids and adults in it demographic !

Kumakai323d ago (Edited 323d ago )

Switch’s primary demo is is 8-18. PS4 and Xbox primary demo is 18+.

Career minded adults might still enjoy video games but they certainly aren’t packing a portable around. They’re playing adult oriented content on flat screen TVs and hifi systems.... or dreaming of they day when they can buy that gear.

Just saying. I own a one x, a PS4 pro and a switch. As an adult, I don’t have much reason to play the switch nearly as much.

AKR323d ago (Edited 323d ago )

Nintendo did a survey of Switch players in the US and found that the majority are actually adult males aged 25-34.

You don't have to keep insisting that the PS4 and Xbox One are the "manlier" systems, lol. Those consoles appeal to a wide array of different demographics, and even the Switch has found itself being enjoyed by younger and older gamers alike.

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Kumakai323d ago

But all those games are better on PS4 and xb1. And most adults don’t carry around portable game consoles.... at least the ones I know.

superchiller323d ago

You're right. The Switch is going to get mainly the usual cartoony first party games by Nintendo, like Zelda and Mario, and some indies. The hardware itself is unable to compete with the current generation consoles, so it won't have many bigger 3rd party games. Another opportunity missed by Nintendo, like so many before this.

TheEnigma313323d ago

Not really. Nintendo has carved out their own lane and they're selling well. Only company that needs to worry is MS.

_-EDMIX-_323d ago (Edited 323d ago )

I'm going to agree with the Enigma on this one

I believe Nintendo has their own demographic that they cater to that they sell really well at I believe Microsoft really is the only one that might need to worry in regards to the hardware Market.

So I agree that the primary sales going to the switch are going to be from Nintendo fans only, I don't think that worries Nintendo I just see them as no longer trying to fight for a market they could no longer succeed in.

I think that's completely fine and it is a very bold move because they've wasted lots of generations trying to fight for a market that was just not buying their games.

I think Nintendo going portable only and not receiving third-party support in regards to Big Triple-A releases is not really going to hurt this company.

Call of Duty Mass Effect Battlefield what have you did not need to release on Nintendo handhelds for those handhelds to be successful...

The way I see it personally this is not a missed opportunity because the opportunity has been gone since the 90s I believe more and more and more Gamers already know that PlayStation PC and Xbox is the place to play third party games not Nintendo platforms.

If you loved Mass Effect would you buy a Wii U waiting for Andromeda?

If you loved Assassin's Creed would you buy a Wii U waiting for Assassin's Creed Unity?

If you love Call of Duty would you not buy World War II just to wait for a switch version?

So you of all people should completely understand that all the fans of those multiple series or not going to be waiting in between multiple releases just to own a Nintendo system, at some point you have to realize they're completely understanding that they're going to need a PlayStation PC or Xbox to consistently play the games that they like.

Which means it's actually not a missed opportunity as much as you might think the ship has already sailed in the fans already understand where those releases are going. Do you really believe the most hardcore Grand Theft Auto fan is buying a Nintendo switch waiting for GTA 6?

So what opportunity?

Segata323d ago

Randy Orton loves his Switch and the entire Barcelona Football team

You saying you are more manly than them?

DJK1NG_Gaming323d ago

NBA 2K18
So but no. This game is for kids as well