Media Molecule Apparently Reconsiders on LBP Beta User Levels

1Up's reporting from TGS that Media Molecule cofounder Alex Evans hisself "let slip" that all those awesome LittleBigPlanet beta user-created levels we've been seeing will in fact make the transition into the full final game. This countermands MM's Leo Cubbin, who two weeks ago said they wouldn't.

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THC CELL3450d ago

all i want in little big planet now is liquid water or whatever and sackboy has a ability to swim or die in the water

jahcure3450d ago

that doesn't seem to make much sense. he'll get soaked and sink

Nitrowolf23450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

dam if they were not having these levels when the game comes out i can see allot of angry people

jerethdagryphon3450d ago

since we know they can add more planets ie persons planet
make a beta planet

backup all the levels from the beta copy them to a beta planet making sure to get rid of any inappropiate ones

then delete the originals

wed have parsons littlebig and beta planet to explore :)

PimpHandStrong3450d ago

they should take the top 20

delete the rest

and let ppl at it

Electricear3450d ago

I've played through a lot of the top rated levels, and several of them got there from being loosely based off existing well known media (Shadow of Colossus for example), but despite many of them being entertaining some lacked escape clauses for their hazards. This meant you could get stuck with lives left, and no escape other than restarting the level or returning to your pod. I honestly wish a few people play tested the hazards on some of their levels before publishing them so we could enjoy their entire level.

Because of this, yesterday I went perusing through the plethora of lower rated levels, and stumbled on Little Big Factory. I've not finished it yet, kept dieing on the clouds, but the level up to that point was tight and incredibly inspiring. I'd be attempting to finish it now if my wife was awake. I highly recommend checking it out. Sadly my first level posted with a startup glitch the first time I published it, and people were spawning at the end point =/ Ah betas... Anyhow I fixed it by locking down the start point, it's a very basic race called "Timing is imperative." I'm hoping people check it out as I tried to ensure the hazards never stopped your from finishing the level.

Again I think every one should check out Little Big Factory as even though it's low rated right now it's really inspiring.

Electricear3450d ago

Imagine having a vehicle you have to ride to jump a ramp to cross a gap. For what ever reason the physics of how you are holding on cause the vehicle to crash in to the pit of spikes below killing you. You re spawn back at the last check point, but when you get to the gap there is no vehicle there as the individual didn't include an emitter to make a replacement. The only thing you can do is jump into the gap full of spikes, run back the other way searching for a non existent alternative path, restart the level or return to your pod.

I could see some one wanting people to replay the entire level if they fail, but if that is the case don't include check points, and add emitters that fix the hazards so it seems like a challenge and not a level design flaw.

PirateThom3450d ago

I think they'll keep them to have a huge amount of content on launch day, but they'll be filtered quite low, so new creations will take precident quickly.

Max Power3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

that everyone votes, because i am actually curious about some of these levels that people have created with limited tools.

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The story is too old to be commented.