MeriStation: The King of Fighters XII Preview

The KOF leaves the outdated graphics and legacy of the landmark Neo Geo, which has always characterized it and jumps into high definition. The King of Fighters XII provides gamers with impressive two-dimensional graphics at 720p and promises even greater gameplay than its previous incarnations.

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Yi-Long3448d ago

... just wayyy more smooth, better animated, MUCH better (and more)colors, much better backgrounds, etc etc.

...which is a shame, cause I'm much more of a 'Street Fighter' fan, gameplay and character-wise.

I really feel Capcom should have done much MUCH more with the whole 'let's re-do Street Fighter 2 for next gen' idea.

KOF shows Capcom how it SHOULD have been done. THIS is how a next-gen, 2D sprite-based fighter in HD, is supposed to look!

Tacki3448d ago

I have to agree with you for the most part. In fact, after reading your comment I had to go check out some videos of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (why I bother writing that out I'll never know) and man there really is no comparison. I love Street Fighter and I think Capcom produced some very crisp looking visuals... but it pales to King of Fighters XII. I've never play a KOF title but I'm very interested in checking this one out because it really does look gorgeous. Where it really shines is in the animation department. Everything is so fluid and the backgrounds look equally sumptuous.

That being said... I have to wonder how much of Capcom's resources went into the HD Remix. After all they've had to work on Street Fighter IV on top of it and it's only being released as a downloadable game. That really doesn't change the fact that KOFXII looks way better, but it's something that came to my mind. Also, you do know how Capcom LOVES milking Street Fighter II. It's a fantastic fighter no doubt about it... but we've seen so many renditions it feels like they think everyone will buy it again even if there's only slight tweaks. And in a way that's true. Hell, I know I'll be getting it.

This title and Blazblue are really showing what's possible for 2d fighters this generation though and I must admit my fancy is quite tickled! Very much anticipating this one and all the great fighter that appear to be on the horizon. Let's just hope that online play is something that these developers will pay special attention to.