When Is It Too Little Too Late For Star Wars Battlefront II?

With the recent news that Star Wars Battlefront II would be getting some major overhauls to the games progression system, Coin-Drop asks when is it too little too late?

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Pantz320d ago

It's too late for those boycotting it because it already sold a ton anyway.

arkard320d ago

Nothing compared to battlefront 2015

choujij319d ago

Agreed. The negative attention definitely affected it's sales.

As per the topic's question, I think that ship sailed. But that's not to say they couldn't make improvements still.

320d ago
Trez1234320d ago

Yet those boycotting it made a big statement in helping this hobby you and i love.

_-EDMIX-_319d ago (Edited 319d ago )


I purchased it and still completely understand and respect those not boycotted the game

They're stand against what Electronic Arts was doing helped Battlefront 2 be way better. Those who enjoy this game also don't want to be playing with cheaters and have a broken progression system. So I'm sure most of the people playing this game completely appreciate the effort by the community to raise their voices and concerned because that brought real change to the actual game that we love to play. I mean the fact that the progression system is going to be updated to make sense I think is completely amazing and could have not been done with all that community.

Trust me when I say this ,no one appreciates such a thing more than the actual people really playing this game and getting effected by these decisions.

CorndogBurglar319d ago

It still hasn't sold what they wanted or expected it to though.

indyman7777319d ago

it sold a ton less than it was suppose to. The stock market went down, and it did not come back up lost nearly a billion in value.

Yes the boycotting made the game playable. But not because of the sellouts, and fools. But because of the boy-cotters.

You cant argue with down numbers! Just because it sold a decent amount compared to a b game.

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Majin-vegeta320d ago

im intrigued about the revamped progression system

Vectrexer320d ago

I really enjoyed the Single-player experience!

_-EDMIX-_320d ago

I don't believe it's never too late to correct a wrong and I don't even understand how people are questioning changes inside of a game that they demanded in the first place.

So the game must change and then also cry about it being too late?

Could not theoretically the same be said about any game trying to fix anything ever? When a developer goes back in continuously supports a game and fix its features I believe the community should be praising this as opposed to trying to desperately find a glass half empty because I don't remember seeing articles like this when The Witcher 3 was being updated even as late as last year.

Any developer fixing anything I believe is a positive step.

InKnight7s320d ago

Positive step for a Battlefield star wars mod with MT system isn't enough.

CorndogBurglar319d ago

Yes, a lot of games still get updates long after launch.

BF2 is not a simple update. They are overhaulingnthe entire progression system. Big difference.

Witcher 3 didn't launch with a system that pissed off a large portion of the community. Those updates are much, much different.

_-EDMIX-_319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

It's not saying the updates are the same it's simply saying that they were a series of updates released from many titles to fix issues

it's not comparing the actual issues themselves simply stating that there were updates to fix issues.

And I would argue the issues with the Witcher 3 in regards to people's faces missing in game saves being corrupted were just as bad.

Regardless of how you see the issue it is something that needs to be corrected, not attacking the publisher for fixing the issue itself as it just doesn't make any sense in even questions why some people are even demanding a fix if they're just going to attack the publisher when they start to fix things in the first place.

So yes there is a big difference in regards to the literal exact things being changed but that's not what's being brought up and it doesn't even make sense to literally try to go to the exact updates...

All you need to know is that many games update to fix issues.

How you feel about the game or the publisher is not relevant. It's simply emotional personal feelings and bias it has nothing to do with what we're talking about.

And I would argue the portion of the community that's pissed off about the current state of the game is even more damn reason for it to be fixed in the first place don't you think?

Keep in mind I was one of the people that bought Witcher 3 day one and got my save corrupted 30 hours in..

Though the issue was patched I still had to start my entire game over again..sooooo did you think that issue made me feel great? That I wasn't angry about the quality of the game?

If a game needs to be fixed I'm all for it.

No argument here.

slappy508320d ago

Im a Star Wars fan so I havent closed the door on BF2 yet. I will take a wait and see approach. I think by that time I would be able to get it far cheaper than it's 60$ price, and not that difficult to wait it out as thereis so much else to play at the moment

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