PALGN: Wipeout HD Review

PALGN writes: "With the slow rise of gaming now being purchased online and downloaded instead of distributed through discs, many gamers expect a solid gameplay experience, especially ones that are of a smaller scale and price point. With the release of Wipeout HD, gamers are in for a treat, as not only does it scream quality, but reaks of value.

For those gamers not familiar with the series, Wipeout was originally released in 1995, on the original PlayStation, Sega Saturn and DOS. It quickly grew a fanbase, due to its high octane anti-gravity racing, and over the top levels of speed. Over the years many iterations were released, mostly exclusive to the PlayStation family. Now, on the PlayStation 3, Wipeout HD has been released on the PlayStation Network at a budget price point. Though essentially a rehash of several tracks from all the previous Wipeout games put into one, there is no doubt that Sony Liverpool Studios have managed to make it feel all new again."

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