Photos of The Evil Within 2 (PS4 Pro)

Photos of The Evil Within 2 (PS4 Pro) taken by me.

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Gr8saiyaman88322d ago

Playing this game now, HIGHLY recommend if you're a fan of scary games and solid 3rd person shooter gameplay. The open areas are fun to explore, especially when you never know what's lurking nearby ;)

chris235322d ago

played the first one. thought it was dull. ignored the second one. maybe the second one IS better, i‘ll never know. don‘t like to iterate through 5 games until they will finally get it right. there are too many othe rgames and franchises out there for that.

philm87322d ago

Did you play the whole game? Dull would not come near my description.

DarkOcelet322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

I thought the first TEW was a masterpiece if you get used to its mechanics to the fullest. The agony crossbow combined with the match mechanics can do wonders. It's so satisfying to get five enemies in one trap just to light them up with a match. Playing the game on akumu multiple times made me realize just how awesome the gameplay can be. But yeah I can understand why some people may not have liked TEW 1. But TEW 2 on the other hand seems to click with pretty much most people who thought the first game was dull. Give it a chance and I think you might love it.