Xenogears' Amazing Soundtrack Is Getting Remastered

The PS1-era JRPG has remained a classic for a number of reasons, but chief among them was the beautiful score by composer Yasunori Mitasuda. According to a recent Facebook post of his, an “Original Soundtrack Revival Disc” for Xenogears is coming out in April.

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princejb134237d ago

they should remaster this game in HD for ps4. I would buy this day 1

Shiken237d ago

Would be a good fit on Switch too. Screw the soundtrack, give us the game!

BlahBlahWhatever237d ago (Edited 237d ago )

It's "Mitsuda" fcking idiot not Mitasuda... is this guy serious? how the fck can he write an article about someone & manage to write his name wrong so many times all over? did he even do a proper research, lazy buffoons like this guy make me rage, if you can't do your job properly get lost do something else.

spambot0815237d ago

Headline could have been in the top spot of n4g if the words "amazing soundtrack" would have been taken out of it. ;-)

patterson237d ago

I would have fainted, woke up, read the headline and fainted again.

Azfargh237d ago

Remaster doesn´t seems to mean to have a orchestra...

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