MeriStation: Ninja Blade Preview

A new franchise was on display at TGS called Ninja Blade. It is developed by FROM software. The show highlighted some examples of how it's going to work, showing the ninja protagonist, Kazuhiro Hatamani jumping from a helicopter to carry out its mission. During the jump, different buttons appeared to perform specific actions. One detail that could be appreciated is that the action was immediate and integrated in a good way for fast gameplay.

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DNAgent3570d ago

I'll pass on it just because who it's from (well, it looks horrible too so that has something to do with it). I wish they would release a REAL ninja game like a Shinobi game for the PS3.

blynx1823570d ago

It's so... Ninja Gaidenish. Oh and the fact that Ninja Gaiden has already been released on the 360 doesen't help either.

peowpeow3570d ago

I want a good tenchu game