GCO: Dead Space Review "Scary Good"

GCO: "Space the final frontier, this game takes place in the distant future an Isaac Clarke, a space engineer equipped with a protective armor called "the Rig", and his company, Concordance Extraction Corporation, receive a distress call from a ship called USG Ishimura, a "Planet Cracker" class ship. So they go out to check out the distress call and when on the ship they find out that the ship is over run by an alien race called Necromorphs, who dependent upon necrotic flesh."

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sonarus3536d ago

OXM must have been smoking something when they gave this game a 6.5

DNAgent3536d ago

They were just rating the 360 version. The PS3 version will be much better as it will be the superior version.

name3536d ago

They gave it a 6.5? Why? They don't like any other games that take place in space?

GCO Gamer3536d ago

They do pay different people to review their games

TheMART3536d ago


That 6.5 came from a forum. No scans from OXM, nothing.

I should wait for the scans if that is real. I can type here any Playstation bound magazine:

Little Big Planet - 5 out of 10

Would that make it true?

Sarcasm3536d ago

OXM could give the game a 1/10 and it doesn't change the fact that Dead Space is actually looking like an EA title worth playing.

Lanoire3536d ago

But then you also admit that the score of Fable 2 were faked as well, am I correct.

Because no way in hell is Dead space mediocre. Its definitely on my list to buy and I have high standards.

meepmoopmeep3536d ago

yeah, he/she sorta got you there Marty boy

anyway, i'm going to get Dead Space. i've already downloaded the free outfit and the paid one.
but not day 1 though cause LBP, man, LBP


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Sangria3536d ago

Strangely, some days ago i didn't care about that game but know i want to have it to see how is it that good.

Gitaroo3536d ago

I thought OXM gave it 91/100, or maybe some other xbox mag

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