Help, I Can't Stop Taking Photos in Shadow of the Colossus


It seems as though a ‘photo mode’ is included in just about every big AAA action/adventure these days but never before has the option been more fitting than in Shadow of the Colossus, a game so full of lush scenery and beautiful imagery that just begs to be your next desktop wallpaper. In my efforts to play and review the upcoming remake on the PlayStation 4 I’ve spent a lot of time with the game’s photo mode. Probably far more than is necessary.

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UCForce322d ago

A lot of people seem enjoying it.

The Wood322d ago

12 years on and some people still don't know about the lizard tails giving grip stamina to get to the secret garden

SuperSonic91321d ago

I just found that out a few days ago and i have played the PS3 remaster so many times.

322d ago
SquareBurgers322d ago

Its a sequel to Afrika apparently too!

Crazyglues321d ago

This is a problem I already know I'm going to have.... LoL (I still have over 300+ Amazing DriveClub shots... I need medication, I know.. LoL

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UCForce322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

It’s a remake of course.

Edit : I know, but some people don’t know the difference different between remaster and remake. I hear some people comments about it.

Septic322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

I know.

MasterCornholio321d ago

I actually prefer this over just making it available via BC.

I'm not saying BC is bad because it's great when you have it. But I love it when developers update an old game to modern standards. Really makes you appreciate the hard work that they put into it.

UCForce321d ago

Bluepoint know to get it right.

Knushwood Butt322d ago

Tempted to get this, but would be the third time to buy it.

However, as it's a remake then there's additional justification.

SuperSonic91321d ago

I will definitely get this remake

killswitch80322d ago

I just want to know if the same controls are in the game. I know it was meant that way but I was terrible with it.

PixelOmen322d ago

They have the original controls as an option, but there's also a new control scheme.

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The story is too old to be commented.