RANT: Microsoft, the XBox and Blu-ray writes: "As an XBox 360 owner, I was particularly pleased to add to the other day's buzz about a new Blu-ray add-on drive being developed by Microsoft in partnership with Samsung and Toshiba. The drive was reported to have an estimate shipping price of $150. Even though that would probably translate Limey-side directly into pounds, it was still good news. Microsoft listening to their customers? Microsoft abandoning their own out-of-touch roadmap and getting with the program?"

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ozsman3570d ago

Microsoft abandoning their own out-of-touch roadmap and getting with the program???? What program is he talking about. Why be like a ps3?

RoidRage3570d ago

This blu-ray for 360 sh** is getting f**king old. It's not even 360 fans pushing for it, it's sony viral marketers using it to verbally plant blu-ray bs into the internet.

meepmoopmeep3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

yes, because 360 fans are fine and use/comfy to old technology


why not have an option to get one?
your HDTV screams for it.
you might as well go back to SDTV's then

sackboy says hi3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

sackboy think the 360 will finaly have blu ray but only when alot of devs are fed up with the storage space on the dvd. the devs of rage is one of the first that came out and spoke about it;if that trend gose on then ms will give the 360 a blu ray add on and make it be able to play games.

but sackboys thinks the ps3 is still the best value for money if ur looking for a blu ray player.

bye, someone wants to play me in a beta... :)

Anton Chigurh3569d ago

what a suprise !!!

and the old tech is still kicking Sony's A$$

meepmoopmeep3569d ago

lmao, yup sony failz. it's the end. oh noez!


xhairs93569d ago

This has to be a lie, there's no way it's around the same price as the HDD. I would expect at least $250.

Sitdown3569d ago

Do you really think that Microsoft will split their user base? I seriously doubt they will release a bluray add on that plays best they will wait out this generation and implement it in the next. You have to consider the attachment rate of accessories that are not controllers.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3569d ago

"lmao, yup sony failz. it's the end. oh noez!" nice to see that you're comming to terms with hardcore reality. Think of it as a 12 step program, "one day at a time"...:)

IdleLeeSiuLung3569d ago

Who cares about a Blu-Ray player for the 360? If I wanted blu-ray, I would buy a PS3 (which I did) or a standalone player. I don't really need it for gaming, so why add another over priced accessory.

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DNAgent3570d ago

It's going to be an add-on which will fail and it will only play movies, not games. Plus PS3 has the only bluray player which can be constantly updated so this is just as pointless as their HD-DVD add-on (which also failed).

ozsman3570d ago

You can update your HD-DVD. So the same should apply to the blueray.

Sarcasm3569d ago

"You can update your HD-DVD"

You can update a standalone HD-DVD player, but not the HD-DVD add-on for the 360.

sukru3569d ago

Yes, Xbox HD-DVD drive can, and does get an updates. Actually it was updated, just after the format has dies:

Remember, the 360 itself is an updatable platform.

Internet Trolling Ex3570d ago

They can't afford Blu Ray,not with the product intended to receive the innovative technology being a commercial failure

Anton Chigurh3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

I don't want a slow A$$ blu-ray drive to ruin my game experience . I'm happy with my DVDs

TheXgamerLive3569d ago

WE DON"T WANT THAT LOSER LESS THAN DVD WANNABE KNOW AS BLU RAY. HD-DVD was better, to bad sony socked billions into a lost cause of BR and the ps3.

So, yes thank You MS, we don't want or ever need BR period.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

Microsoft can afford to buy all the mag's and gaming sites, buy all the exclusive's out from under Sony, and drop a 20 billion $ dime on Yahoo... but they can't afford to buy a 5yr disc format?

sleepyk3569d ago

if HD DVD was better, why did it lost?
HD DVD had half the space and half the power of Blu-ray.
if anything a wannabe, it's HDDVD. Get used to it, the better product won.

dukadork3569d ago

it's kinda confusing what you guys want... sometimes it's "YEAAAY WE GOT BLURAY TOO, TAKE THIS DROIDS!!!" and then sometimes it's "WE DON'T CARE ABOUT BLURAY, WE'RE REAL MEN, SORRY, REAL GAMERS, WE DON'T WATCH NO MOVIES!!" and then we have the "DIGITAL DOWNLOADS FTW!!! OH SH!T, FORGOT HDD IS A RIP OFF ADD ON!"... lol

to be honest, we've made progress since the "HDDVD FTW!!!" era although that was so much fun, I sometimes miss it :D

MMMMM... that Blade Runner remastered bluray is b3yond gorgeous, I'm gonna watch it again tonight, thinking about you b!tches :)

na2ru13569d ago

Because our bluray movies slow down right?...right?

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DavidMacDougall3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Blu-Ray is Coming to 360 YEAH!!! I can watch Iron Man!! - Bots

Max Power3570d ago

do you think sony will produce a batman bundle with dark knight and lego batman?

theKiller3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

they will make a huge sales and profits in this fall!!

The Dark Night is the best movie of the year,

i dont know why Iron man was a success, it sucked so bad, everything about it is fake, too fake, and as usual they show afghan or arabs the bad people and the americans who conquered their land and killed their people on daily bases r the nice and lovely and friendly etc!! so lame movie, and the professor is a genius and the terrorist r that stupid to let him do what he wants, like they couldnt tell if he was make a rocket or armor shaped weapon, even a baby can tell a difference,and why they didnt make a watch man if the camera didnt cover all angles?? if those terrorist were that stupid wouldnt u all think that they should be extincted by now?? but the opposite is happened taliban and their arab supporters r controlling more than 65% of Afghanistan, the British general admitted him self that its impossible to win there!

na2ru13569d ago

i enjoyed Ironman but i still agree with u.

it portrays the middle easterns as dumb and "the bad guys" towards the average american.

I thought americans were the ones who caused the deaths of millions of afgans - the mothers, the children and even babies ...Ironyman...get it!?

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