Nickel and Dimed: Why Microtransactions Are Ruining Video Games

Gaming is a business and no one should criticize a business for making a reasonable profit, but microtransactions are becoming excessive and taking much of the fun out of gaming.

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UCForce323d ago

This one I agree with. Microtransaction in AAA shouldn’t be there. I don’t care people said that cosmetics only, but it is dumb excuse that I ever heard.

AnubisG323d ago

In Destiny 2, MT's are cosmetics only yet they managed to ruin D2 with it. That's not the only issue the game has but it's the biggest or one of the biggest issues. MT's, just like you said, do not belong in video games in any shape or form. Nor does day 1 DLC.

UCForce323d ago

SEE ! AAA Publishers have gone to far with it. And now, the government got attention because of it. I just posted this submission : And I need you to comment on it.

InTheZoneAC323d ago

not all are cosmetics, some are actual new armor, some of the better looking in the game as well.

AnubisG323d ago

@UCForce; I'll check it out.


Right. But some might argue that armor is cosmetic as well. Tough in Destiny it can affect gemaplay do to it's attributes. Regardless, the endless greed of Bungie has destroyed D2.

indyman7777321d ago (Edited 321d ago )

Sellouts then to give dumb excuses. If they are not seeing hurt now, they will sellout until it hurts. THEN they will start saying it is wrong, isnt that right uncle TOMS?

Kiknyonutz323d ago

Microtransactions have absolutely destroyed games. It's about the money and what can you spend vs making a game for everyone to enjoy. I get games have been costing more and more to make... So charge us more up front, it may limit how many games we can buy but with microtransactions we can't afford to play the games we do buy

AnubisG323d ago

Actually, if you look at the big picture, game developement cost has gone down as a whole. There is a very good YouTube video explaining all of this. However, more people than ever play video games and that results in huge profits for companies. So large that they make Billions with a capital B. I would be ok with $75 instead of $65 for games as long as they guarantee no MT's and no day 1 DLC, no cut content for later on DLC either.

323d ago
jokerisalive323d ago

Tell that to MS and Mr. Phil......

Prince_TFK323d ago

Yeah let ignore EA, Ubisoft, Activision, Warner Bros, Konami...because MS is the only one who doing it.

AnubisG323d ago

That guy is an idiot who is ruining gaming as well. He just introduced that game pass BS further taking away ownership of video games from people and sheep celebrate it without a second tought.

Cobra951323d ago

I thought I was alone thinking the pass is yet another lemming lure. Glad to have some company.

Xenophon_York323d ago (Edited 323d ago )

Some major studios and publishers will claim microtransactions are a necessary component to supplement rising development cost.

Horse 💩.

The day these AAA studios stop paying high-ranking executives mid-six-digit-salaries is the day I'll sympathize with these greedy scumbags.

(EDIT: One more thing. In fifty years [give or take a couple decades] industries like gaming, music and movies will be purged of fat-cats and profit-obsessed business pukes. The financial reward will reach an equilibrium where a lot of those involved make average incomes—in turn mainly only truly passionate artists will be attracted to those industries. Kind of like what has been happening to the music scene since streaming and downloading.

Anytime there's an opportunity for lots of money to be made, the scumbags propagate.

That's what I see happening—eventually.)

indyman7777321d ago

Mean while companies with out micro transactions are selling AAA games by the boat load.....Horizon Zero Dawn......Mario Odyssey......Zelda breath of the wild..........GT Sports...heck most Sony and Nintendo developed games are that way. .Forza....wait scratch that...Halo....wait scratch that too.....ahh you get the point.

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