TGS 08: Figuring Out The Sony 14 writes: "Going into Tokyo Game Show 2008, lists of games that Sony would be showing started to surface, along with numbers dictating a bunch of unannounced games that would be appearing at the show. Now that the show is in full swing, a lot of people seem to be scratching their heads and wondering where these 14 games are. I, much like yourselves, have been doing some head-scratching of my own, so I'm going to attempt to piece together this list of games.

Between walking the show floor and reading through Sony's catalog, here's my best guess at what the unannounced games were."

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CEO of Troll Corp3450d ago

Interesting,it appears all of the 14 games are AAA blockbuster titles that will be unveiled sometime in the near future

Snake Raiser3450d ago

I love Sony, but sadly no.

3450d ago
Snake Raiser3450d ago

TGS AND E3 sucked. Come on. Nobody had any thing good this year so far... except METAL GEAR! Well... TGS is not over yet, still fingers crossed for MGS(5) (MGS anything would be fine thx) or Kingdom Hearts 3