The Best of the Tokyo Game Show 2008 has compiled trailers and booth footage from "in their opinion" the Best Games of the Tokyo Game Show 2008.

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slave2Dcontroller3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

WTF happened to those 9 announcements from Sony? Where in the hell was Team Ico??? MS and Sony got Tekken6, ok, big fuggin deal. Why couldnt either of these do SOMETHING to impress. I thought E3 was bad but naw.. this is bad!

The only WOW moment I had came from seeing the latest Yakuza3 footage from SEGA. Nuff Said.

BiggDaddy3113568d ago

Your right where were those 9 titles.
1. Edge of Twilight (multi-plat)
2. Demon Souls
3. Yakuza 3
4. Quantum Theory
5. ? MGS4 online expansion ??
6. ??

The bad news is Sony lied. The good news is none of the 5 "annoucements" were from Sony's first party which means we still don't know what Team Ico, Sony Japan, London etc are working on.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3568d ago

TGS was clearly won by Sony.With strong 3rd party titles like Yakuza 3,and 1st party unveiling like White Knight Chronicles,its clear that Sony was victorious.