Atlus Asks If You Want Persona 6 (and More) on PS4, Switch, PC, or Other Platforms

Atlus asks its fans what they'd like to see next from Persona, Shin Megami Tensei, and more, whether they'd like remakes or new IPs, and on which platforms.

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Aenea205d ago

Nah, PS4, Switch and PC is fine too!

Perhaps Xbox, not sure it would sell tho...

Xenophon_York205d ago

Persona on Switch (along with PlayStation 4—and might as well throw it on PC—but especially Switch) is a great match—given how the mobile [see esp: Nintendo Switch] market and JRPGs in Japan are huge.

InKnight7s205d ago

Nah it will sell more if it release on Vita rather than X1. So Ps4, VR, Switch, Vita.

MegamanXXX205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

I agree. You notice there's no tagged for Xbox one

starchild204d ago

Yeah, I would love to see Persona 6 and, for that matter, all of their games on PC. As well as any other platforms that can run the games and make them money.

Angel911204d ago

Pretty selfish expected from a fanboy. It will affect you deeply if Xbox players also get to enjoy this game? Right?

mikeslemonade204d ago

PS4 only or PS4 and PC only. Multiplatform is not good for games and Switch will hold back development. You should hope no third party games are on Switch because that will force them to waste time making an inferior version and already makes the current gen versions a victim of parity.

Aenea204d ago


Selfish? I said PS4, Switch and PC and perhaps Xbox but not sure it would sell....
Any platform I skipped then??

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stupidusername205d ago

Why only? Isn't it better that everyone can have access to buying it?

michellelynn0976205d ago

Because he is a rabid fanboy that is why.

stupidusername205d ago

Yeah, guess so. Sad to see he got so many upvotes though. If someone had said Switch or Xbox only they would have been flagged within minutes.

Xenophon_York205d ago

Persona(lly), I think there should be incentives for brand loyalty.

G3ng4r205d ago

Incentives for something as dumb as brand loyalty, haha. That's what first and second party are for genius.

Lexreborn2205d ago

Everyone does have access to buy it. It’s not like they only sell one device per country. Saying everyone doesn’t have access to a game because they choose a different console is silly.

vergilxx3204d ago

So i guess you dont mind them releasing new Shin megami tensei on Ps4?

Ok im gonna make a petition

stupidusername204d ago

No, I wouldn't mind. Why would I?

G3ng4r204d ago

@vergilxx3 I don't see why not myself but then I don't feel so threatened when other systems also get support because the success of my system doesn't define me. You are more than your unreasonable bias toward ps man, get help so you can find a sense of self-worth somewhere else. At this point your brand is safe. It's strong enough to carry an otherwise mediocre electronics company on its own and doesn't need scrubby fanboys defending it. She doesn't need you.

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Legacy212205d ago

Loved persona 5 it's truly I game i think should be played by everyone

Xenophon_York205d ago

Just like the PlayStation 4 and its spectacular exclusives should be played by everyone? (Much love to the Switch, too.)

Legacy212205d ago

Persona 5 is made by atlus not a first party studio like naughty dog hence why I think it should be multiplat. The game was the first game in a long time I was actually sad to see the credits roll because I enjoyed it so much. Shin megami tensei serirs has been on more than juust playstation consoles so imo game can benefit from reaching out to the wider fan base who want to play this game but don't wanna pay the $200-300 entry fee in order to do so.

ElementX205d ago

By the time it comes out the ps5 will probably be available. You want them to stick to PS4?

ColonelHugh205d ago

Lol, have you seen Persona's track record? That would be par for the course.

JunMei205d ago

Nah. I feel you. You need it to be exclusive so you don't feel the draw of other systems.

Angel911204d ago

I don't how it will affect you if Xbox players also get to play it? PS fanboys are easily the most and worst fanboys. Blind love for PS and hate for other platforms boggles my mind.

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chrisx206d ago

i'd love Persona 6 but maybe a new IP before that. and id like them to be on the PS but its not a deal breaker for me tho.

GameBoyColor205d ago

They are already working on a new ip. A medieval fantasy most likely with an isekai theme

sexow204d ago

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_-EDMIX-_205d ago

Well to be fair, the teams already working on a new IP.

Project RE: fantasy

lxeasy204d ago

I would like the next Persona game to be on all platforms including Xbox. I know that will piss of the fanboys that just want to see Xbox burn but I think the successful franchise will obviously sell more on another console plus it a new audience can get introduced to this world.

Relientk77206d ago

I'll take Persona 6 on PS4 and/or PS5.

No need to rush took me 170+ hours to beat Persona 5 anyway.

robtion205d ago

Check out toco toco TV on YouTube. The director of Persona 3,4,5, and Catherine Katsura Hashino is ready for something new. They are working on a new fantasy IP.


AspiringProGenji206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

You lied about the last question? So they never asked whitch platforms?

Abriael205d ago

That was a joke abut it not actually being the last question, since they also asked if you believe in the phantom thiefs.