Game Vortex: Line Rider 2: Unbound Review

Game Vortex writes: "It's taken a couple of years for Line Rider to make its way to the home console audience, and no better platform could be imagined than the Nintendo DS. The capability to draw lines and craft play environments on the DS rivals anything that PC gamers using a mouse have had available, although the screen real estate might put some veteran players off. In exchange for slightly smaller vistas on-screen, we have some new gameplay options and functionality that fans will appreciate, but more on that later. The actual interface and setting of Line Rider 2: Unbound is really pretty sparse. There are a series of videos accompanying the game's new Story Mode, which are pretty forgettable for fans that want to get in on the action and immediately play tracks. The developers were smart to include this new flash to the game though, keeping in mind that not everyone has been playing Line Rider online for a million years. The movies are short and set the stage for Bosh and his adversary, adding some context to the "line riding" shtick."

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