10 Wii U Exclusives That We Want Ported To Switch

We've compiled 10 Wii U games from Nintendo that we'd love to be able to play on Switch.

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PhoenixUp295d ago

Why stop at Wii U ports?

I’d like to see a lot of GameCube & Wii games get remastered

Sgt_Slaughter295d ago

A few that come to mind are Chibi-Robo, Melee/Brawl, Geist, Skyward Sword, Double Dash, Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes, Resident Evil 4, etc

PhoenixUp294d ago

Resident Evil 4 got rereleased so many times on so many platforms, you should already know it’ll eventually hit NS at some point

Neonridr294d ago

yep.. the super-duper deluxe enhanced ultimate HD version will show up on the Switch later this year no doubt.. :P

Neonridr294d ago

I want a Red Steel 1 / 2 Remastered Collection

indysurfn293d ago

Yeah PhoenixUp For me personally I'm waiting on the 3ds and 2ds JRPG upgrades to SWITCH. That would be a awesome flood!

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Nerdmaster294d ago

Since for everyone the Wii U never existed, they should just port all of Wii U games to the Switch.

tehpees3294d ago

I'll have you know I owned a Wii U and it has some of the best quality exclusives in history.

Shiken294d ago

Which is why they deserve a second chance to shine on the Switch.

Nerdmaster294d ago

I don't think I addressed the quality of Wii U games in my comment. But anyway, I also have a Wii U, and I also love its games. It doesn't change the fact that the number of people who bought one is extremely low, and its games, no matter how good they were, didn't reach the public they deserve. That's exactly why they should all be ported to Switch.

superchiller293d ago

No it doesn't, the Wii U was one of the worst consoles ever released. Poorly designed, terrible specs, and crippled by an unappealing gimmick.