PSi: Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Review

PSi writes: "It took them quite a while, but Gearbox Software was finally able to finish the long-delayed Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway. Announced many years ago for last generation consoles, Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway is making its first debut on next gen (now gen?) hardware, but was the wait worth it? A game with that long of a development process surely has to be something special, right? Well... yes and no.

The first thing I noticed about Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway was that it was using the old Unreal Engine 3 and it reflects in the graphics. It already looks aged. At its best, it looks like a Playstation 3 launch title. At its worst, it looks like a choppy PS2 game. There were many graphical anomalies throughout the game including screen tearing, texture pop-ins, and a less than stellar draw distance. While the visuals are the main attraction for quite a few gamers, it isn't always the end of the world for this game. Fortunately for Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway, the graphics are by and large the only major flaw that it has."

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Killjoy30003541d ago

It's a real shame this game got stones thrown at it. It had potential, it was helmed by a great developer, developed for 3 years, and had excellent production values. Reminds me of Lair. I feel so sorry for these two games. I wuld mention Too Human and HAZE, but those games didn't have much effort thrown at them.