Could the lack of backward compatibility hurt the PS3's sales?

As many now know the 60gb PS3 is the most coveted of all the Playstation 3 models due to it's inclusion of full backward compatibility and all the bells and whistles (memory card readers, SACD support, 4 usb's, etc). Sony realized that they could reduce costs by removing the PS2 hardware (EE+GS chipset) from the launch models of the PS3 (20gb and 60gb) to establish a reasonable price point for the average gamer / consumer.


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ShinMaster3481d ago

I play all my PS2 and PS1 games on my PS3 whenever I feel like it.

And if I wanna play 2 or 3 games at once, I'll use my PS1, PS2, and PS3, switching back and forth between video inputs on the remote.

Yes, I still have the other 2 consoles. There was no point in selling them in the first place.

littletad3481d ago

A luxury not everyone has, now that some people are mixed with some bc, only ps1 games, and some with the full bc. It's a mess no matter how you want to defend it. And the no reason for selling in the first place comment. Well given that the system is still the most expensive of all consoles, some people still traded in their ps2 system towards a purchase of the ps3. Not to mention that gamestop still promotes this deal, even though they are ripping people off. Only the hardcore and knowledgeable would be wise enough to keep their ps2 systems.

yamamoto1143481d ago

The point of the article is to state that only YOU, and the others who picked up the console in its youth, have the luxury of backwards compatibility. Not a single darned SKU of the console on retail as of today, October 12 2008, has that capability, and there are absolutely NO plans for it to be brought back.

I am freakin' GLAD I bought my 80 GB PS3 on MGS4's release date, especially knowing that BC would disappear six months later. It now sits next to my also-backwards compatible 360 and Wii.

This is a feature I have quite reluctantly been forced to leave out of my list when explaining to my customers why I love the PS3 so much. It's sickening, giving them so many things to hope for, but then they suddenly ask "Can it play my old PS2 games?" and I say "No" and their expression changes entirely. It's happened so many times. I despise this move, and I think Sony is doing their loyal fanbase an even greater disservice by denying them BC completely than Microsoft who just completely dropped the Xbox to the floor when they came out with the 360. At least Microsoft didn't make any promises or say anything like, "Backwards a core value of what we believe we should offer."

Sorry, fellow Sony fans, but you know it to be true. They promised us something, then they took it away. This is not something we can forgive them for doing. It tarnishes the support that we've been giving them in front of everyone else for these past few years.

Too bad there's not much we can do about it. Stupid megacorporations...

Death3481d ago

what irks me most is how they handled it. Blaming the consumer for removing a feature is ignorant at best. Sony cited lack of sales of the 80 gig as the reason for removing backwards compatibility. Neglecting to mention that they also did not restock retailers for 6 months making it so they were unavailable is a little more than an over sight.


whoelse3481d ago

It already has. I speak to lot of people who complain that the PS3 doesn't have backwards compatibility when considering a new console. They say they want the 60GB version.

ShinMaster3480d ago

....are backwards compatible.

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Isaac3481d ago

But business is business and Sony probably has already a PS2 emulator ready to be released for PS3 anytime. They just won't do it because PS2 is still selling and making profit for them. I guess their financial statements tells them they will be better without PS2 BC on PS3 than with for some time. I wish it wasn't like that, but I'm glad I have a 60 GB PS3 anyway.

PS3 will get PS2 BC eventually, once PS2 demand completely dies out and it's discontinued. Perhaps in 1 or 2 years.

silenius3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

Im confused... i'm going to buy a ps3 in the next month but i really dont know wich... the 40GB PS3 doesn't have Backward Comp while the 60GB that used to have stoped being produced... so it leaves me with the only 2 that have backward compatibility the 20GB and the 80GB...
the 20GB has little sotrage to save while the 80GB is much more expensive... :(
SOooo i guess i have to put my hand deep in my pocket this time in order to buy the 80GB PS3... and all of this just because it didnt have backward compatibility...

Death3481d ago

The 20 was removed from retail and then dropped due to "lack of sales". The 80 gig today is not a backwards compatable system. You need to find a discontinued 80 gig Motorstorm or 80 gig MGS bundle if you really want it.


DNAgent3481d ago

It's not like many people played PS1 games when the PS2 came out and I don't know many people who even play PS2 games now that the PS3 is out. Besides, there are too many good PS3 games to even care about the PS2 games.

Snake Raiser3481d ago

I still play a ps1 game. StarWars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. It was a game based on a movie that was actually [email protected]$$. I know I will play it sometime on my ps3...

Snake Raiser3481d ago

Buy Star Wars the Phantom menace, it is the best PS1 game (other than MGS)out there. It should only be about $2


I played old rpg from ps 1 on my ps2. And I downloaded wild arms on my ps3.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3481d ago

This is a good thing for most because when you upgrade you aren't forced to buy the new games. So lets say you only have enough to buy the console, but no games at least you can still play your previous games on it. In result making the transition a bit smoother than if it wasn't backwards compatible.

This will effect new comers more than pre-existing customers who have settled on the PlayStation 3.

lociefer3481d ago

Enough of these stupid ass assumptions plz , no it will not hurt , nearly all the world has ps2 now , and if not , its time to move on to next-gen

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