The Insider - Xbox - The 2018 Preview

Join Paul in the second of his 2018 Year in Preview entries of The Insider. This week Paul's gaze falls upon Xbox and after a promising start to the year could this mark the beginning of an excellent year for Microsoft? Join him as he discusses what we should be expecting from them in 2018.

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MakoD54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

1. Microsoft is not standing up internal game studios, they closed a good portion of them down. Contracting out IPs is not the same as having the internal studios cranking out game after game see Nintendo and Sony. What games you have... is basically what you have. Doubt Satya is going to give money to open up new studios, heck, he even got rid of the Xbox Division 2 years ago... gamers just don't know yet.... all of it was moved to the Windows Division.
2. Game Pass has been out since June, the MAU (monthly active users are down to sideways in the last year), most of the titles are older games that a good portion of the gamers already have via Xbox Gold. Those games are cheap, the new incentive exclusives can be cherry picked. Xbox Gold is a much better deal, you'll have 96 games in your library after 2 years and double that in 4.
3. Comparing it to Netflix is not on par, its not streaming, you still have to buy a console as well. Furthermore, Netflix is bleeding money, they lost around $2b, and they have already said they will lose $3-4b in 2018. Microsoft just shutdown there other streaming service - Groove Music (formerly Xbox/Zune Music) because they can't compete.

And no, you are not making money back by subscribing to GP for 1-2 exclusives, because games are cheaper over time, furthermore you don't own them.... you are renting. The service agreement can change anytime they want.