What could Battlefront II’s “revamped progression” look like?

A fresh update from EA, publishers of the controversial Star Wars Battlefront II, has hinted at a brand new progression system in the game. But it’s very light on details.

Rad or Shite Gaming takes a look at what this new progression system could look like—and what it should absolutely avoid to keep the few remaining players happy.

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DillyDilly324d ago

Their idea is likely stop supporting Battlefront 2 & get 2 work on Battlefront 3

_-EDMIX-_324d ago

Based on what evidence? They didn't stop supporting the first Battlefront until Battlefront 2 was released.

You also need to consider that the team that actually works on the game is completely different than the team that works on the downloadable content. I mean based on that logic Battlefield 1 shouldn't even exist if they were working on Battlefield 2 don't you think?

I mean did you seriously assume that hundreds of developers were just working on downloadable content and not Battlefront 3?

DillyDilly324d ago (Edited 324d ago )

Battlefront 1 did not have as much baggage as Batltefront 2 does Battlefront 2 at this point might be unsaveable & people saying something & doing the opposite happens all of the time

_-EDMIX-_324d ago (Edited 324d ago )

@dill-okay but do you have any evidence that this company is even looking to do that? Wouldn't Electronic Arts coming out and saying they're even patching it to fix the progression system sort of contradict what you're saying?

Also this game is still getting new maps in content so I would believe your comment if at the ending of the Year we're not getting major content for this game. It happening all the time doesn't actually support that it's happening right now ,you might need something better than just strange conjecture.

So just a month ago they released free content...

I'm just saying neither of us know what the future is my point is simply saying that it's difficult to believe they're going to stop support based on the evidence at hand...

What I have to back up that there go to support the game is their own words regarding the update to the progression system and the free content release just last month.

If they never did any of those things then I would agree with you and say clearly something is going on but then still giving free content and updating and fixing parts of the game say otherwise.

I mean you could disagree with me but you're basically disagreeing with the current facts regarding this.

I'm saying what they're doing right now currently...

You're simply saying what you "think" they're going to do with not much to really back it up. I mean I want you to consider lots of people said the exact same thing about the first Battlefront in that game got supported for a very long time because the development team is known to do that.

The 10th Rider324d ago

Well, they promised DLC, but then they've basically killed off their monetization plans for the game. I'm sure they'll finish off whatever they were already working on but there's no reason for them to start work on new content for a game that no longer has the source of income they were planning on. They'll salvage what they ca of the game and then move onto the next one. There's no reason for them to do anything else.

_-EDMIX-_324d ago

@10th- " but there's no reason for them to start work on new content for a game that no longer has the source of income they were planning on"

That is a sound you actually have any proof of this though other then a theory?

"There's no reason for them to do anything else."

Titanfall 2 didn't sell well for them, they still released the free DLC promised. So....I'm sorry but I don't see anything that would suggest that they are planning to dump support of the game as telling folks a update is coming to fix features doesn't really sound like a publisher looking to drop support.

Its even confirmed that NEW content is coming much for that support dropping.

How would it help EA's image to drop support of a game that had so much controversy? For what? Start another one? I mean...does that even make sense to you? If they supported Titanfall 2 with free content and continued to do so mind you, I see the same treatment you see for Battlefront 2, that you saw from Battlefront 1, Battlefield 1 etc in terms of support and content. Unless you have something that is legit showing its going to happen, I don't see that they have a history of doing that. Keep in mind folks said the same thing about Titanfall 2. you actually have anything to support this or?

The 10th Rider320d ago


I know this a while to reply to this. I'm not saying that they will drop all post-launch support for the game.

What I imagine will happen is they continue with what's already being worked on and finish that up, but they'll probably scale back their long term plans because it's clear it won't provide the source of income they previously thought it would.

In essence, you're correct that they won't be dropping support because they will certainly continue to support it with whatever content was already planned. However, others are also somewhat correct in that EA is probably looking at the long term financial prospects of the game and since they can't monetize it like they were planning, they won't support like they were planning. They won't entirely drop support, but they will certainly drop some of the previously planned support. I definitely agree with you that anyone who says that nothing more is on the way is overreacting.

_-EDMIX-_320d ago

@10th- ""The team is currently working diligently on extra content and live services, and the publisher pledges to continue to support the community of the game “for a long time to come.”"

EA already recently confirmed they are still going to support the game long term in terms of content.

You were wrong. It happens

The 10th Rider320d ago


Dude, what is wrong with you. I never said they won't continue to make content. I literally said I agree that they will continue to make content. Even when I said I agree with what you were saying you just have to find a way to disagree with it.

I said they will SCALE BACK the content they were originally planning because the game isn't going to give them the income they previously thought it would. That's basic business. Obviously, as you said and I AGREE with they're not going to stop making any content for it.

_-EDMIX-_320d ago

@10th- that's nice. You still have no evidence of the so-called scaling back and what Electronic Arts has confirmed shows no signs of any type of scaling back even slightly.

Please give it a rest and stop trying to argue about something you have no proof on.

You tried to make statements that this company was going to stop supporting the game and they just made statements confirming that they're going to continue supporting it long-term

at the end of the day you made a guess

you were wrong , grow up and move on... Seriously it's not that serious and I'm not even entirely sure what you're actually arguing about considering you have not even a single shred of evidence to support what you're talking about.

The 10th Rider320d ago (Edited 320d ago )


"You tried to make statements that this company was going to stop supporting the game"

Except I didn't. I said I actually agree that they will continue to support it, you're the one that then made an argument out of it. Then you're telling me to grow up, LOL.

_-EDMIX-_320d ago

@10th - so you still don't have any proof? Do you have a link?

The 10th Rider320d ago


It's basic business man.

They expected to have substantial income from the microtransactions.

Now they might have some income, but at the very least it's going to be substantially reduced from what they were planning on.

Therefore, since the game isn't bringing in the same amount of money, they're not going to make the same amount of content for it as they would have if they knew they were going to make more money off of it. It would be a waste of their resources.

I don't see how anyone could fail to grasp that. The amount of content coming to the game will be reduced compared to what was originally planned because it's not going to make them the money they planned.

And you're source is from EA themselves. Obviously the publishers of the game aren't going to admit the above, but literally everyone except you knows that's the case.

_-EDMIX-_319d ago

@10th- didn't read it.

You have no link. Sooooo yea. Is very difficult to make an argument about something and you don't have a shred of evidence to support your claim, it's nothing more than a desperate assumption. Electronic Arts confirmed a long-term support

get over it.

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PressXtoBacon324d ago

It should look like a change in staff at EA

ZombieKiller324d ago

Level Up!

**Please pay 2.99 to access this level**

Even after....Im good. Too many other games do it better... for less.

-HUGE Star Wars fan over here BTW.

ZombieKiller324d ago


I...I need about treefiddy. Very nice

_-EDMIX-_324d ago

I'm hoping it's like a Battlefield where each individual class can actually be properly leveled up.

Prince_TFK324d ago

Get two lootboxes for the price of one.