That Gaming Site: Splinter Cell Double Agent Wii Review

That Gaming Site reviews Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent for the Wii. Was it really as terrible as reviewers said, or it was just a port that wasn't judged correctly?

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Monteblanco3542d ago

Isn't this review somewhat late? Also, they are too kind with their grade. Double Agent was the only title in the Splinter Cell series I found to be a poor game.

Cernex3542d ago

Perhaps, but my focus on this review was the fact that the controls, while they might be hard to get used to if you play the old games, are pretty much spot on, and fit perfectly with the game.

Most of the points off were actually because of the poor graphic system.

El Cernex

Elven63542d ago

If I recall the Wii port used the same story line has the last gen versions, correct? I actually like the last gen version better then the current gen ones.

Yea I guess the review is late but, better late then never, rightÉ

Monteblanco3541d ago

Controls were fair and graphics were poor, as the review tells. However, it miss the point that the story was weak and the confidence engine was broken (it allowed one group decrease their confidence on you despite the fact they had no knowledge of your actions).

running rampid3541d ago

soo late. i wonder how many wii owners actually care now?

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