GameSpy: Quantum Theory Preview

GameSpy writes: "Although Team Ninja's the most famous development house under Tecmo's roof, it's far from the only one. Team Tachyon has been behind such favorite franchises as the Fatal Frame series. The developer is taking its experiences and moving them over to unknown territory. With Quantum Theory, no one at Tecmo or Team Tachyon is making any pretenses about what this game is: a shooter designed for gamers outside Japan, but with flourishes that are unmistakably Japanese. During a behind closed doors meeting earlier today with assistant producer Manabu Nagasaki, we got a glimpse at the publisher's big plans.

"Glimpse" is an appropriate term here. During our Q&A session with Nagasaki, we watched a short trailer highlighting the look and style of Quantum Theory, minus any gameplay. It's a PS3 exclusive that resembles other shooters, such as Gears of War, although both Nagasaki and our Tecmo representative seemed to avoid even name-dropping other series. The main characters, Syd and Fillena scale the interior of the villainous "Living Tower" in order to destroy it."

+Interesting approach to environmental deformation
+Cool manga/anime aesthetic
+Varied environments through flashbacks

-Developer's inexperience with the shooting genre is cause for concern
-Similar inexperience with online multiplayer

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