Ubisoft reveal standalone South Park: The Stick of Truth for Xbox One and PS4

Neil writes: "If you're an Xbox One gamer, then you would have previously been able to get hold of the awesome South Park: The Stick of Truth as a freebie when preordering South Park: The Fractured But Whole. Today though, Ubisoft have announced that the game will soon become available as a standalone purchase."

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FallenAngel1984295d ago

I got this as a freebie on PS4

CorndogBurglar295d ago

When you pre-ordered The Fractured But Whole you also got a digital version of The Stick of Truth for free on PS4. I think Xbox also, but I don't have one so I'm not sure. I think it was across both consoles though.

I got this too. It was glorious.

chris235295d ago

i bought the new one on ps4 and got the old one as a gift. no preorder was necessary. now i have a hard time figuring out which one i‘m playing. just kidding. but i do think the new one is a bit lazy considering how freaking long it took to get released. wtf took them so damn long.

CorndogBurglar295d ago


Really? I didn't know you got SoT just for buying the new one. I just remember when they announced Fractured But Whole they made a big deal about pre-ordering and getting Stick of Truth free.

But yeah, I don't know what took so long. But Stick of Truth was in development hell for years before it finally released. Kinda weird, considering.

Sniperwithacause295d ago

Pre ordering was not the case for me.
I bought it the day after it came out and still got both. The code was in the case.

NecrumOddBoy295d ago

I bought Fractured on that 50% off sale during Christmas. I got SoT free with it.

Shadow017295d ago

Yea I also bought it day after Christmas New and got it. I actually bought South Park and Shadow of war 50% off.

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CorndogBurglar295d ago

Me too! When I pre-ordered Fractured But Whole I got it for free. The funny thing is when they delayed The Fractured But Whole by almost a whole year they gave us the option for a refund. So I did that, but they let me keep The Stick of Truth.

Then I bought Fractured But Whole in December for like $30 on Amazon lol.

PlayStation_5295d ago

Same here. I've had it since June of 2016. The Stick Of Truth was a free digital download on PS4 if you pre-ordered The Fractured But Whole. You could even immediately cancel the pre-order afterwards like I did and still get to keep the game for free. I would love to buy a PS4 Retail copy of The Stick Of Truth though if Ubisoft would release that...

Profchaos295d ago

Same I had it from about the same point in time but after fractured was delayed Sony cancelled my pre order for me but sent me an email advising I could keep the stick of truth

Sniperwithacause295d ago

I never pre ordered it and it was still in the case.

FallenAngel1984295d ago

I simply bought Fractured But Whole during Black Friday and it came with a code for Stick of Truth

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cfc83295d ago

Been back compat for ages. Got it for a fiver or thereabouts.

Matrix6295d ago

You can still get it free on PSN until Jan 31st.

akaFullMetal295d ago

My wife bought me fractured but whole and a code for the stick of truth was inside. Good till 1/31/18. Looks like my wife will download the 1st game.

DialgaMarine295d ago

Sweet. Now I can finally play this one so I can do FBH

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